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Why compromise with Slow start up problem?

Many of you must be facing the very common annoying problem of slow start up of your PC. This problem eats up a lot of time of yours while you attempt to get daily started with your activities. Under normal circumstance PC should start instantly when attempt is made but once this slow start up problem starts to happen the instant start mechanism becomes dream.

After the installation of Windows 10, some customer face problem of slow start up when their PC takes about 20 minutes to get started. One client who is using Lenovo X230 is facing slow start up problem every time he restarts his PC. The client who was using Windows 7 had no start up issues in her PC but after upgrading it to Windows 10 this problem has been bugging him again and again. Windows 8 customer faces slow start up problem on his Samsung PC but he has no clue of how to get rid of it.

The client using Windows 10 on his HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC complaints about the problem of slow start up which was not there when the OS version was Windows 8.1 but seeing other features to be so good in Windows 10 rolling back to Windows 8 cannot be considered to be a solution. The 1 year old Asus UX32V laptop of a client bothers him by starting up terribly slow after he has installed Intel HD Graphic Card in it. Post installing the Windows updates the user is experiencing slow start up issue on his Lenovo 3000 G430 laptop.

No user has to compromise with this slow start up problem if he or she is aware of the complete solution which is can be derived from DLL Suite software. It optimizes the PC and enables the user to get started with his PC with insta-click leaving behind the long loading screen which is very irritating.