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Why not to use free repair tool for PC problems?

When users face any type of PC problem then they either look for some technician or they prefer some free repair tool available in the internet which can settle their issues without making them shell out a single penny from the pocket. But in most cases this idea for opting for free repair tool cost them highly in terms of PC damage caused due to that.

The user finds that Microsoft Word Starter 2010 could not be opened on his computer which is from the brand HCL and runs with the support of Windows 8 as Operating system. The user planned to downlaod some free repair tool from the web but on doing so he finds that the problem has got multiplied.

The PC speed has gone down remarkably after the installation of the free repair application as the tool was malicious in nature and on getting installed it started causing all sorts if disaster as a malicious program does.

The booting process of the system has got negatively affected by the application derived in form of free repair tool for PC.

For whatever games played on the PC the user gets an error message that the CPU usage is happening to be very high which can result in system crash.

The process of Clean Installation of the Windows for Dell XPS PC which runs with Windows 7 remained pending owing to the non availability of the system file which got maliciously deleted after user has downloaded the free repair software programs for the PC from some unauthorized site.

In most cases it is seen that downloading such free repair application programs from the internet calls for security issue for the PC. It is better to depend on some tool like DLL Suite. This tool is very easy to use and ensures 100% guaranteed results in solving PC issues caused due to whatsoever reason.