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How to Clean History for internet usage?

Sometimes the cyber criminals use the internet search history as a weapon to hack computers for the purpose of stealing data. Most of the users forget or pay least heed to remove the usage history post usage which is dangerous for the system security. There must be some authentic way to Clean history in every computer so that the system user do not get into any sort of vulnerability.

The Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet which runs with Windows 8.1 do not allow clearing of the history especially for the pictures and video files and whenever attempted by the user the process showed that the history got cleared but system actually failed to Clean history.

The internet search history carried out in Windows 8 computer of the client could not get removed as the process got stucked amid when the Error 80070490 appeared on the screen when lead to the failure of the procedure adopted for Clean history.

After installation of the Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 computer of Compaq every attempt made for carrying out Clean history saw an unsuccessful completion and so some high end option should get adopted for the same.

The user faced problem when his bank and social networking account got hacked and misused by hackers. The process lead to resource consequence and reputation went in stake when the accounts were mishandled. He forgot to Clean history after the internet usage and remained logged in which paved the way for the hacked to access his account and do transactions via bank account and post vulgar pictures on Facebook wall.

The DLL Suite software is capable to ensure system and account security owing to its efficient mechanism for Clean history which can prevent any kind of problem which are discussed here in this article for sure.