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DLL Suite is a DLL file fix tool that delivers comprehensive DLL error solutions for Microsoft Windows operating systems, including 32 bits and 64 bits. Its trial edition provides free DLL download service and 10 DLL errors repair. The full version allows its consumers to AUTOMATICALLY fix and repair all DLL problems.

In order to offer effective and faster solutions for computers running different operating systems, DLL Suite full version is built with different DLL file databases that target DLL error fixing and DLL file downloads for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Plus, to help those who have multiple systems installed on one PC, DLL Suite also has an special edition (All-In-One version) that can resolve DLL issues for these 4 OS.

Now take a look at the DLL database that DLL Suite contains for different systems:

  1. DLL Suite for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP : All-In-One Version
  2. DLL Suite for Windows 8
  3. DLL Suite for Windows 7
  4. DLL Suite for Windows Vista
  5. DLL Suite for Windows XP

Is DLL Suite Safe?

The Answers is Absolutely YES.

DLL Suite is virus/spyware free. It only focuses on repairing Windows PC problems caused by error in DLL files. DLL is used to handle Windows components, memory modules, system services and operations, it has the following file extensions:

  1. .dll handles system components
  2. .exe handles Windows and application startup
  3. .sys handles Windows device drivers
  4. .drv handles Windows media player
  5. .fon handles system font

When there is problem with DLL files, your computer would have following symptoms:

  1. .dll file is missing or was not found error
  2. Windows and program startup errors
  3. Blue screen of death (BSOD)
  4. Windows device can't work correctly
  5. High CPU/Memory usage (as usual, 100%)
  6. .dll entry point can't be found

If your computer experiences any mentioned error above, here we suggest that you download DLL Suite and resolve your DLL issues immediately to prevent severe problems that would appear in your machine.

How DLL Suite works to fix DLL errors?

The work mechanism behind DLL Suite is to quickly detect and repair DLL problems. When DLL Suite start to scan your computer, it checks and compares the following properties of DLL files located in C:\Windows\System32

  1. Last Update
  2. File Size
  3. File Version
  4. File Description

If there is any change on DLL files, DLL Suite will detect them and then display recommended DLL error fixing. DLL Suite's Dashboard allows its consumers to fix all DLL errors with one mouse click.

DLL Suite is not registry cleaner, system optimizer or antivirus / antispyware. If the authors of these 3 kinds of software programs claim that their products can fix your DLL errors, please don't trust that.

To fix and download missing DLL files, DLL Suite will be your best choice. Download DLL Suite today and give your Windows 8/7/Vista/XP a DLL error repair program.

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