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Fix DLL not found error

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How to fix "DLL was not found" errors for Windows PCs

When there is error in DLL files, your computer will have different symptoms. If the DLL files in your computer have become missing, corrupted, deleted or removed, you will have following error messages during Windows and software programs startup:

  1. DLL is missing from your computer
  2. Can't find DLL file
  3. Failed to load DLL file
  4. DLL entry point could not be found

DLL errors can occur due to arising BHO infection, malicious software (malware), incorrect system operation, out-of-date drivers, etc. If DLL error is not fixed immediately, your computer would no longer perform well and it would become crashed in a sudden.

As the causes of DLL not found errors are different, so to fix them faster, you need to find out what are making these happen. "Not found DLL" error indicates that the specific version of DLL file in your computer is incorrect, to resolve this issue, you can try the following 4 methods:

  1. If you got the error after installing new software programs, please uninstall them to fix it. Most of the antivirus/antispyware software can change the properties of DLL, as usual; uninstalling antivirus can help fix these kinds of errors.
  2. If you got the error after Windows/software updates, please remove the updates to repair the problem. Upgrading system/program introduces new DLL that will overwrite the shared DLL files in your computer and then cause DLL problems.
  3. If you got the error after virus/spyware infection, please use the latest antivirus software to try fixing this kind of issue. Virus/spyware can change DLLs and used them for illegal purpose. For example, they will collect your financial data and send to the remove servers via electronic means.
  4. If you got the error after uninstalling programs, please reinstall them first and then uninstall them. Program uninstalling will remove shared DLL files that are used by Windows systems and other software programs. Please select "Don't remove shared file" during uninstalling.

The above 4 methods are based on the mechanism that the DLL file can be restored your computer. If you have tried these 4 and the problem is still in your computer, you need to get your missing DLL files back through other methods.

The first one is to retrieve DLL files and fix DLL errors manually. For the detailed operation, you can see the instructions described in free DLL download section.

The second one is to fix DLL errors by using DLL fixer.

Most of the common PC users have tried using registry cleaners and antivirus programs to repair DLL problems. But few of them works, especially when the file has been completed deleted or removed from the affected machines. To fix and repair DLL errors effectively, here we will introduce a new method for you.

DLL fixer is the DLL repair tool for Microsoft Windows PCs; it should be capable of fixing DLL errors, repairing blue screen of death (BSOD), replacing DLL files infected by virus/spyware and downloading missing DLL files. To have DLL fixer installed on your computer, here we recommend that you try using DLL Suite.

DLL Suite is the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible DLL files fixer that can resolve all DLL problems automatically. It contains the largest DLL database that covers 75 operating systems. It allows its users to download DLL files for free, both through smart missing DLL detection and manual search & download.

How to use DLL Suite to fix DLL errors automatically?

To start, you need to download DLL Suite, install and run this program first. And click the menu that says Dashboard. And then click the button that says Start Scan & Repair DLL Errors. When the scan is complete, you just need to click the button that says Fix DLL Errors.

The whole process would take around 30 minutes; the detailed time depends on how many DLL errors on your computer. To speed up the process, please close other programs during DLL error repairing.

The trial edition of DLL Suite allows you to fix 10 DLL errors and helps you download all DLL files for free. If you want to fix DLL problems automatically, please purchase DLL Suite to get full version.

Plus, you can share DLL Suite to Facebook and Twitter, and recommend it to Google to get free license. For the details, please see How to get DLL Suite License for FREE on support page.