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How to fix DLL files for Windows PCs

Have you experienced slow PC, system startup errors, DLL entry point not found problems, program runtime errors, blue screen of death, and program freezing or system crashing?

If yes, no matter which type you got, it is time for you to fix and repair these Windows errors to let your computer continue to work correctly.

The causes behind these Windows errors are different. Daily system operation, software installing/uninstalling, Windows updates, virus/spyware/malware infection, out-of-date device drivers, etc. can make these problems occur.

The survey conducted by Google in 2012 showed 57.48% of computer users choose registry cleaners to fix these kinds of errors, and 22.17% use antivirus/antispyware software to resolve these issues. But few of them works as these is a little relation between the errors and the solutions. As a result, the complaints are full on the Internet and that brought the attention of FTC in the United States. The FTC had punished over 3,847,000 software publishers since 1998 because of fake system tools (potentially unwanted programs - PUP).

Lutz Eickhorn, one of the system developers from Microsoft German said the real cause of Windows problems is the error in DLL files. DLL is designed to make system work smoothly and run faster. The purpose of DLL is to help, but because of bugs in DLL files, hackers and PUP software makers use DLL vulnerabilities for illegal purpose.

For example, DLL with .exe file extension is responsible for system and application startup; as a result, these .exe files can be easily infected by virus, spyware and malware. When you try to start these infected files, malicious code will be activated and then they can steal your private information, especially financial data, and send to the remote servers through electronic means.

Here we take rundll32.exe as an example.

If this file is infected by virus and spyware, you will see 2/two rundll32.exe in Task Manager, and their CPU and Memory usage are extremely high, almost 100%. Another symptom is that your computer and programs take longer time to start up.

If you right-click on rundll32.exe and check its properties, you will find that following properties have been modified:

  1. File version
  2. File size
  3. Description
  4. Last update

As the DLL missing or DLL not found is the most common DLL error, here we see another example; it is based on DLL with .sys file extension.

.sys file is used to support Windows device drivers, any problem or damage to it can result in Windows device mal-function, the most common symptoms are PC has no sound and blue screen of death (BSOD).

When there is error in .sys file, you would see blue screen, along with stop error code during system and software programs startup.

You may have noticed that we are discussing DLL errors and their symptoms, and we guess that you may start to think "Could it possible to fix DLL files to resolve your Windows PC problems".

The answer here is ABSOLUTELY YES.

When there is problem with DLL files, they will become missing, corrupted, deleted, removed and modified. So fixing DLL errors is an effective solution to repair Windows problems. The content below will discuss how to fix DLL errors, both manually and automatically.

How to fix DLL file manually?
To fix and repair DLL problems manually, you need to download your needed DLL files first. You can use your system setup disk (Recovery CD) to get what you need, or download DLL from other computers running the same system with yours. The easiest way is to use DLL error repair tool, for more information about this method, please see the tips and instructions on free DLL download section.

How to fix DLL file automatically?
When your system is under operation, it will create a temporary folder to store all processes. We called it as Cache. If you got Windows problems, you can restore this cache folder to help fix your PC.

Note: If you have cleaned system junks (Temporary files belong to one type of junk files.), you will never have a chance to repair your PC through this way. You can consider trying something new.

In a word, to resolve DLL issues automatically, you can use DLL files fixer – DLL Suite. It is the only choice for those who need to fix DLL errors and download DLL files for Windows PCs. To start the process, what you need to do is:

  1. Download DLL Suite, install and run this software program.
  2. Click Dashboard menu and then perform a full scan.
  3. Fix all DLL errors after the scan.

DLL Suite's scan addresses the properties of DLL files. If there is any change to the property, DLL Suite will detect and then display the recommended fixes.

Windows receives thousands of operation every day and that bring potential errors to your computer DLL files. Download DLL Suite today and give your Windows a DLL file fix tool.