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Have you ever heard of DLL fixer among all the multifarious software programs including applications or system error repair tool? Maybe you have. Maybe you haven't. And this is the significance of this passage – to introduce you an increasingly important PC error tool which is specialized in fixing one category of error – DLL error.

The application of DLL fixer can be easily told by its literal appearance that it's much related with DLL.

BY DLL, it's short for "Dynamic Link Library". If you haven't heard of this word, you may get all confused about this word, and you would create all the questions like "what is Dynamic Link Library" or "what are these files used for" or "why does the programmer even develop this kind of file". Well, to sum up, it's a really abstract word.

If you really need an explanation of DLL, here we can tell you in a much easy understanding way. First, we need to make you have an impression that DLL file is like a collection in which it has a numerous data and functions. And these data or functions are supposed to be divided into modules. Each of modules can be used by system or application to accomplish one single operation like copy and paste, like loading game map or something else. It can be very specified and detailed or very general and in charge of big common operations. At the first of several operating systems, there is no DLL or only a few. Yet it can be really function-limited or size-large for common uses. And then as the IT and Internet develop, more and more applications come into our view and convenient our life. If there is no DLL, this convenience would never be achieved. Especially we can observe this from the recent years of operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. All most every operation executed by software programs or systems is related or linked with DLL, because when we put one action like copy and paste into one package and when every program in the PC is in need of this operation, they can invoke the data or function in one DLL file. In this way, you don't have to develop every action in the program but just need to direct to the right DLL file and invoke would be okay. Because of DLL, our PC can improve so much that we can not even imagine.

Nowadays, this DLL program has been played a quite vital role in our daily life. Once there is something wrong with one of DLL files in your system, which by the way is very common, you should know what to do at the next step. And that is the significance of the existing of DLL fixer.

DLL Suite can be the top one of all the DLL fixers and also the earliest one of DLLs fixer. Just because of this, DLL Suite has accumulated much experience as a DLL fix tool. And it has the largest DLL file database which included 59 systems so far in the world.

As the most outstanding DLL files fixer, DLL Suite has been spread all over the world where there is computer and receives a fantastic reputation by PC users who were in trouble of DLL errors.

Okay. After all the introduction of DLL, DLL fix tool and DLL Suite, we think it's time to talk about DLL errors.

DLL error certainly is the error caused by DLL. But what is the symptom of DLL error. Actually, there is one thing you may not know, if your screen turns blue or get a crash or freezing, people would always blame this to the system. They would say the system has something wrong. But the truth is that it's the DLL errors that arouse the problem. Or in another word, DLL files belong to system. So technically, 80% of PC errors which at last get classified into system error are actually DLL error.

Besides, DLL error can also come up in error message in popped window writing like "c/:windows\system32\nvhotkey.dll missing entry start" or "system.dll was not found".

Here we can conclude a simple list of DLL error or possible DLL error:

1. Missing DLL errors / DLL was not found;
2. Startup errors;
3. Runtime errors;
4. System 32 errors;
5. Slow PC performance;
6. High CPU/Memory usage;
7. Program freezing;
8. System crashing;
9. Blue screen of death (BSOD);
10. PC no sound
11. Devices can't work;

Some PC user friends may ask, since DLL Suite can fix all the errors above, how about it's compatibility in Windows 7 or Windows 8? There is no need to worry about the compatible issue. It can be perfectly run and working in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other systems which can be up to 59.

Despite of all the strength that DLL Suite has. There is another highlight of this DLL fix software. It offers free download service. You can hardly find any DLL fix tool on the present Internet market of PC error repair tools. Thus if you are looking for the most efficient DLL fixers, clearly DLL Suite is your best option. And if you are short of money and want some free service, you should choose DLL Suite too.

DLL Suite can totally fix Missing DLL errors / DLL was not found; Startup errors; Runtime errors; System 32 errors; Slow PC performance; High CPU/Memory usage; Program freezing; System crashing; Blue screen of death (BSOD); PC no sound and Devices can't work in either a totally free way or a totally automatic way.

DLL file fixer is gradually becoming more important than it ever was as our need grows on the applications and system running feelings. It can be a great convenience if you have DLL Suite in your computer. Download DLL Suite now and start to fix and repair DLL errors on your computer.