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Wuaueng.dll Failed to Register with Error 0x80070005

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0x80070005 error

CINDY CAMPBELL asked on January 5, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Wuaueng.dll Failed to Register with Error 0x80070005

» I have WinXP and Service Pack 3. I see that my Windows Update will not work. I have found the error to be: wuaueng.dll it gives me an error code 0x80070005 when I try to use it in the cmd list of commands. How do i fix this?

Best Answer

» Wuaueng.dll file can be simply downloaded and registered with DLL Suite in a few mouse clicks.

The DLL wuaueng.dll is the Microsoft Windows Updater module. It is connected with the Windows Update functionality. The wuaueng.dll module is considered as a necessary element in Windows since it checks on the system and its components. Consequently, the module provides updates that are rather useful and beneficial to the user. The wuaueng.dll file provides definition updates such as Junk Mail updates for the Windows Mail. The DLL is registered to Microsoft Corporation and is commonly located in C:/ Windows/ system 32 folder.

Windows update is an applet in the Control Panel and is available in the recent versions of Windows. It cannot load independently as it usually needs the human user for it to function. This also goes for the wuaueng.dll file which works with its main application. As part of the Control Panel, on the other hand, the Windows Update, together with the wuaueng.dll application, check on the basic system control and settings and can progressively give updates regarding the system and its components.

New features of the Windows Update includes options for users with regard to the Windows Update dialog box that prompts users with updates. The wuaueng.dll file can just download the update without completely stopping or interrupting user unless it is really necessary to do so. However, come the new added features, user can either choose to continue or postpone any update prompted by the wuaueng.dll file. The wuaueng.dll program also contains features that can immediately recover files when a sudden shutdown occurs. This feature is the Transactional NTFS and was introduced in Windows Vista.

When hit by the virus, such as Backdoor:Win32/Bifrose.AE, wuaueng.dll error will appear. Or software application conflict can cause the failure to register wuaueng.dll.

Download DLL Suite, install and run > Click Download DLL - Free menu > click Start Scan & Download DLL - Free button, choose your needed DLL > click More Information > click Download button from the open web page.

And Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan. And all the problems are fixed.

S MOSSMAN replied on January 11, 2013

All Answers:

  1. WALTER BREIDENSTEIN replied on January 5, 2013: » Download a free copy of the wuaueng.dll file (see Resources.) > Right-click the downloaded wuaueng.dll file and click "Copy." Click the "Start" menu and select "My Computer." Double-click the "C:" drive, open the "Windows" folder, open the the "System32" folder, right-click anywhere in a blank space and select "Paste." > Click the "Start" menu, type "Run" into the search box and click "OK." Type "Regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\wuaueng.dll" into the "Run" box and click "OK" to register the DLL. Click "Yes" in the pop-up to confirm the registration

  2. PERRINO PIETRO replied on January 5, 2013: » You MUST follow these instructions exactly in order otherwise you'll mess up your Windows Update System: 1. Close Internet Explorer;2. Delete the WebSetup folder at C:\windows\SoftwareDistribution;3. Visit Windows Update, Click "Express";4. Check that the WebSetup folder has been restored; 5. Close Internet Explorer;6. Stop the Automatic Updates Service (Do NOT disable it!); 7. Browse to C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386 (Different on 64 bit Editions); 8. Locate wuaueng.dll within the i386 folder, copy it;9. Paste wuaueng.dll to c:\windows\system32\dllcache (Overwrite); 10. Delete wuaueng.dll within C:\Windows\System32 (Windows will restore it almost instantly, no problem --); 11. Start the Automatic Updates Service [Again]; 12. Visit the Windows Update site;13. Download the "Newer Version"; 14. Test it...

  3. PER HOLT replied on January 6, 2013: » The error code 0x80070005 is also described as ACCESS DENIED This issue can be caused by third-party security programs such as firewalls and anti-virus software. You can disable or remove them to check the issue. My guess is Spybot is interferring with Windows Update. Uninstall Spybot and try WU again.

  4. CINDY CAMPBELL replied on January 7, 2013: » What if I just shut them down and then tried to get the update? Would that work, or must you fully un-install the programs?

  5. PER HOLT replied on January 8, 2013: » OK try your way first, as it wont harm you in anyway.

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