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Wmiprvse.exe CPU Usage Issues

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Wmiprvse.exe high CPU Usage

WILLIAM WOOD asked on January 23, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Wmiprvse.exe CPU Usage Issues

» wmiprvse.exe is occasionally spiking my CPU usage up to 100% I don't get any error messages, but my system drastically reduces almost to the point of being frozen or stopped loading. When the CPU% drops down, functions come back. But its doing this all the time.

Best Answer

» wmiprvse.exe is a Microsoft management tool. wmiprvse.exe may be a host process name or a virus or trojan. It can even consume CPU upto 100%. Its is located in the folder C-WINDOWS-System32-Wbem. You should get rid wmiprvse.exe to work properly on your system.

Malware comes in many different forms---virus, Trojan(Trojan:Win32/Fedcept.C), spyware, worm---and can increase, or even max out, CPU usage. Removing malware can be tricky business, though is best done when first noticed and before it has the opportunity to create worse problems. Once malware is removed, CPU usage will be greatly decreased, if not returned completely to normal. The best way to stop malware, though, is to install and regularly run a trusted antivirus/antispyware program(such as Hit Malware).

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SHAWN LIMPUS replied on January 29, 2013

All Answers:

  1. JAMES MILLER replied on January 23, 2013: » Boot into Safe Mode with Networking and download the following tool. Run a full scan. Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program. Uninstall all unnecessary applications and programs at startup. Are all drivers up to date? Have you experienced issues with sound, video, games, etc....?

  2. WILLIAM WOOD replied on January 23, 2013: » Running my computer normally i have the problem, obviously. When i started the selective start up and disabled all the non-microsoft background programs, the problem seems to have disappeared.

    So i started re-adding programs little by little, trying to find what it was cause the problem. I eventually got back to having all the programs enabled again. And the problem still was gone.

    So i switched back form selective start up (with everything enabled) to the normal start up. And thats when the problem showed itself again.

  3. DAVID NUNEZ replied on January 23, 2013: » Verizon Servicepoint is an application used by the Verizon Internet Security Suite services to deliver up-to-date information on security issues to subscribers, to ensure that the software or updates required for services subscriptions is delivered and ready to use, and to allow Verizon Online to communicate with subscribers regarding Verizon Online services.

    If you are no longer a Verizon Online subscriber, or if you wish, for whatever reason, to remove Verizon Servicepoint from your computer, here is the recommended way to uninstall Verizon Servicepoint: In the Control Panel> click on Add or Remove Programs > choose Verizon Servicepoint > and click on the Remove button.

    You might also: Click Start > All Programs > Verizon Servicepoint > Preferences.

    Clear the Run on Startup check box.

    Click OK.

    To temporarily disable it, Click Start > Programs > Verizon Servicepoint > Stop Service

    You can return to Start > All Programs > Verizon Servicepoint to restart the service

  4. BEVERLY BROWN replied on January 26, 2013: » Thanks so much for reporting this discovery! I have had problems with slowdowns in an online game for a long time, and it got worse recently. Due to your comment I removed VerizonServicePoint and Verizon DSL software and now wmiprvse.exe is absent in task manager. Frontier bought out Verizon last year anyway!

  5. ARTHURLYN ELLIOTT replied on January 29, 2013: » No infection here, the WMI provider is in a loop, from previous experience with WMI Tools I think some process is calling with the wrong requests or WMI can't return the information.Use following instructions

    Start > Run > net stop Winmgmt , go to: C:\Windows\System32\wbem , delete Repository , Start > Run > net start Winmgmt

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