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Windows Shell Common DLL Failure

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Shell DLL Failure

NICOLE HAIGHT asked on March 7, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows Shell Common DLL Failure

» Windows shell common DLL has stopped working, When i try to open the input language and click Change Keyboards...

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» DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library, containing executable functions or data that can be used by Windows applications. DLL provides one or more particular functions, program accesses the functions by creating either a static or dynamic link to the DLL. A static link remains constant during program execution while a dynamic link is created by the program as needed. DLLs can also contain just data. Most of the DLL files have .dll, or .exe extensions.

The best thing about DLL files is that they can be used across multiple applications at the same time. Windows operating systems come with a few pre-installed DLLs that can be used by any application installed on it. Most of the other DLLs are usually developed to be used by a specific application and are loaded only when you launch that application.

What are the common causes of Windows DLL errors (otherwise called DLL Hell)? Firstly, Windows DLL errors occur when a newly installed application replaces a DLL with an older version. Next, Windows DLL errors also occur if a shared DLL is deleted when you uninstall an application. Thirdly is infestation by malicious software/viruses, such as Trojan:Win32/Comisproc. Last but not least are the corrupted or outdated registry entries.

To fix all these dll errors, DLL Suite is designed for you and has been acclaimed by its users across the world ever since it was launched (click its icon to have a clear look of its interface).

Or you can use DLL Suite to download a clean and safe version of that dll file, and replace it. DLL Suite contains a large update library of dll files, including .exe file and .sys files. It is able to fix any missing dll file error, or exe virus infection or BSOD(caused by viruses like VirTool:Win32/CeeInject.gen!IX).

PETER CORDOVANO replied on March 13, 2013

All Answers:

  1. DAVID SHAFFER replied on March 7, 2013: » Run a System File Checker (SFC) scan on your computer to fix the issue.

    SFC tool scans system files and replaces incorrect versions of the system files by using the correct versions.

  2. NICOLE HAIGHT replied on March 7, 2013: » I did everything u say, still nothing change the same error!

    i have Kaspersky Anti Virus 2012 up to date, i run full scan, my PC is clean no virus detected, i created a new user acc (Admin) & SFC /scan now from command prompt as Admin.

  3. EDNA MORGAN replied on March 9, 2013: » Try to reset search by going to Indexing Options then to the advanced options. Click on the "Restore Defaults" button and reboot your machine. Let me know if that solves it.

  4. MARTHA MOORE replied on March 11, 2013: » Did you run any malware removal software from the link below? I know you advised Kaspersky didn't show any threats, but I am curious to see if anything shows up with malware. How long have you experienced this issue? You could attempt a system restore, to a point in time prior to experiencing this issue.

    Malware removal: System Restore:

  5. SANJAY TYAGI replied on March 12, 2013: » Never download from a 3rd party unless you know it is safe.Check C:\Windows\winsxs and see if you have a copy there and copy back to C:\Windows\System32

    Best do this in safe mode.

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