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Windows Media Center Broken And EhRec.exe Taking 50% Of CPU

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EhRec.exe high CPU

BRANDY NEWLAND asked on January 21, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows Media Center Broken And EhRec.exe Taking 50% Of CPU

» My windows media center is broken. The problem is probably that ehRec.exe is using up 50% of the CPU. I got the following incomprehensible message in the event application log: The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( Media Center Scheduler ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. Is there a way to completely reinstall media center?

Best Answer

» One possible solution to the sp3 problem is to go to Add or Remove Programs and remove the sp3 update, then go to and download it again. I tried the scannow etc fixes and had same problem. You might want to send a message to microsoft tech support to verify that you can download the sp3 update again. Sometimes the registry doesn't get properly cleaned out and so the microsoft update scan thinks you still have the program. There' a Microsoft installer cleanup program, msicuu.exe. I've used that in the past to clean up remnants of programs. You might also try a registry cleaner program. I bought Uniblue's registry booster some years ago. It's very good. Hit Malware has a good program in their security suite.

EXE files allow users to launch programs without needing additional software on the user's computer special software. The exe file is one of the most useful types of files precisely because it runs programs; however, it can be used as a delivery system for viruses or other malicious programs. Viruses(Trojan:Win32/Hiloti) often reside to .exe files, which are then re-named to resemble common software packages.

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KYLE VAZ replied on January 26, 2013

All Answers:

  1. JOHN HICKEY replied on January 21, 2013: » You cannot reinstall Windows Media Center. Try the following steps and check if the issue persists.

    Step 1: Run sfc (system file checker) scan to find and fix missing filesa. Click Start, click Run, type cmd and click ok.b. On the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and hit enter. Note: You will be prompted to insert the Windows XP disc if any file is missing. Step 2: Check if any non Microsoft program is causing this issue

    a. Open the article:

    b. Under Method 2, follow Steps 1 and 2 and restart the computer to see if the issue persists.c. If the issue does not persist in clean boot, then follow step 3 and step 4 to find out that's causing the issue and once you've found the culprit, uninstall the program and check the result.

    Note: Do not forget to follow steps under "Steps to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state"

  2. BRANDY NEWLAND replied on January 21, 2013: » I found out about not being able to reinstall Windows Media Center the hard way. Thanks for the warning, though.

    It turns out that my last recording was on 10/28. I guess I haven't been watching much lately because I just began to notice the problem recently. I actually only noticed the problem by looking at the task manager performance. I may have had a virus. I installed Norton anti-virus about that time, replacing a different ineffective anti-virus I got from my cable provider.

    Step1: I ran sfc, and it says files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied from the DLL cache. Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD now. I have Windows Media Center Edition with all the latest updates. My "Installation CD" in on a different partition on my hard drive. What do I do about the missing files?

    Step2: If I use step2, I won't have anti-virus protection. Also, for step 2.b it is real difficult (e.g. time consuming) for me to see if the problem persists because I'd have to schedule a recording and see whether that works or not. Can we fix the problems in step1 first?

  3. JOHN HICKEY replied on January 22, 2013: » We need correct XP disc to complete sfc scan. Set Windows Media Center Receiver Service to local only (if available)

    a. Click Start, type services.msc and hit enter.b. From the list of services, double click on "Windows Media Center Receiver Service"c. Change the startup type to Automatic and click Start.d. Click Log On tab; select "Local system account"e. Click ok to apply the changes and restart the computer.f. Check if the issue persists.

  4. DOUGLAS MAESTAS replied on January 23, 2013: » I removed the .net framework 4 client update and voila, problem solved. I tried the /sfc scannow solution, but really . . . this only works if you have the most recent operating system on disk. Many have download updates, service pack, from Microsoft and therefore, cannot provide a disk with proper files. Anyway, it isn't the solution. Apparently the manner of the download of these .net framework updates is important. I don't know the solution to a proper install of new updates, but do know that the 50% CPU problem is solved EVERY TIME, by deleting the latest update.

  5. THOMAS PAGNOZZI replied on January 24, 2013: » The good news is that removing the .net framework V4 client fixed it for me, per the previous suggestion. On investigation the installation of that update coincided the breakage, adding to the evidence that it was the culprit.

    Finally I had problems with sfc as did others - it would get so far and complain that something was missing and that it needed the SP3 disk! I do not have this disk, and in any case the message was not helpful as it did not say What was missing.

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