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Windows Freezing And Programs Unable to Open

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Windows Programs can't Open

RAFAL BEDNARSKI asked on March 5, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows Freezing And Programs Unable to Open

» Using Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit on a Toshiba Laptop. Explorer Stopped Responding/restarting... loop started. I wasn't doing anything special when it started happening, no new installs, no new programs. Norton Internet Security 2013 Full System Scan - No problems found.

Best Answer

» Explorer.exe is normally a Windows based file required by your system. The actual disk location of this file is shown below, always verify your file is in the proper location if you think its suspicious, as many spyware(TrojanDownloader:Win32/Demina.A) or adware related programs use similiar names in attempts to fool you, but verifying the file location will make sure you have the proper file. This is a Windows program which will show on all pcs. Explorer.exe is for your desktop or for your explorer window, you can even terminate it to shutdown your desktop, and restart it up again if you wish. It will run automatically when you reboot.

Explorer.exe error. Be sure to always double check your spelling if you are concerned about spyware, as often spyware will use a very similar spelling of system processes or other common tasks. explorer.exe error.

Remove explorer.exe virus. Remember that although many files are always in default file locations, some files can easily be moved to different locations or change names like many spyware, adware, or popup programs do. If you suspect you have spyware or adware, check to see if you see a similar names stored elsewhere. It always helps to check your tasklist also to see what is currently running on your computer. Dll files will NOT show on your computer tasklist, as dll files are actually part of other processes. You may see similar program names running if spyware or adware is on your computer, for example, ati2evxx.exe may be slightly misspelled to keep you from finding it, or spyware and adware may be named very similar to a system file.

To effectively remove an explorer.exe virus, you can use DLL Suite by its built-in feature of fixing exe virus infection after a antivirus scan.

JOHN HEIM replied on March 11, 2013

All Answers:

  1. KATHRYN NEMUNAITIS replied on March 5, 2013: » Open the Command Prompt ( Run as Administrator ) and execute:
    powercfg -ENERGY
    The report lists all of the devices that are causing problems with sleep mode, explains the different power saving modes your computer supports, and even gives you detailed information on your battery.
    Note : The utility will take a while to generate the report and when it finishes you can open up the generated file in your browser.

  2. RAFAL BEDNARSKI replied on March 5, 2013: » I have done the report but I am not sure what I am looking for. Would you take a look and help me please. Again appears to be only desktop that freezes as no programs will open. I also am not able to unmount my external drive as it says is in use.

  3. DAVID CONNER replied on March 6, 2013: » This problem is not related to power settings, and has been happening for about the last month or so. This only happens when the computer is idle for more than a few hours. An error message is given when a program tries to start during this problem. "The program encountered an unknown error and failed to start. Click OK to close the program." The control panel window can be opened, but the page comes up saying "unable to load page"

  4. ROBERT WHITE replied on March 7, 2013: » I have an update after several tests. I have found that there is a program which closes all non-essential running services, as well as background programs in order to free up resources for games that are intensive. I have narrowed it down to being one of the many services that the program closes, though still need to do some testing to find the one that is causing this problem. I believe that this may be from a Microsoft service, but until i successfully narrow it down, i can not be sure of this.

  5. MICHAEL LEONARD replied on March 9, 2013: » Download and make a full and updated scan with malwarebytes.

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