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Windows 7 Tdrpm258.sys Blue Screens

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Tdrpm258.sys bsod

KEVIN NOLAND asked on February 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows 7 Tdrpm258.sys Blue Screens

» I have seen two BSOD crashes on my Win 7 64-bit machine. For one of these the Windows Debugger indicates the problem is in tdrpm258.sys.This is part of Acronis True Image and I believe is used by the'Try and Decide' feature in that product. It is an NT file system filter driver.Is there a way that I can disable the driver without adversely affecting the system. The other crash relates to bthport.sys.

Best Answer

» Some malwares camouflage themselves as Tdrpm258.sys. If you are able to locate the Tdrpm258.sys in some other strange location on your system for example in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder, or it exists in the form of multiple files, it is an indication that your system has a spyware infection(PWS:HTML/Phish.FF). You will have to scan and remove the software by using an antispyware in safe mode.

After that, download DLL Suite, install and reboot the computer in safe mode: press the F8 key before the Windows screen appears. This will boot the computer into the Advanced Options screen where you can choose advanced boot options. Choose "Safe Mode" and press "Enter", wait for the Windows screen to appear, then click DLL Suite's Dashboard menu > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, and the blue screen will be repaired automatically, just because DLL Suite has built-in feature of Fix BSOD. What's more, not only the direct cause for the blue screen of death has been removed, but also other out-of-date or corrupted dll file, which are the potential causes of BSOD, are repaired this way.

Because the registry entries of the associated dll files have been altered by virus, it is a must to clean up the registry:

Click MS Tools menu of DLL Suite to download Registry Editor for free. And then do registry cleaning.

With the help of DLL Suite, to fix BSOD due to the damaged .sys file becomes a piece of cake. Tons of our customers have been benefit from this marvelous dll error fixer. Now it's your turn to enjoy the pleasure of keeping away from the blue screen of death in such an easy and safe way!

ARTHUR MORRISON replied on February 18, 2013

All Answers:

  1. RANDY WILSON replied on February 14, 2013: » Go to Start, Run, and type in services.msc and press Enter. Look for any of the service names that start with Acronis. One of them may be the "try and decide" service (the ones on my PC are Nonstop Backup and Scheduler2, but mine's a full retail version). You can set them to manual or disable and see if it'll still run; I have both of mine set to manual. I'm not sure if the trial version will work if you disable the "try and decide" service, if there is one.

  2. JEFFREY SCALF replied on February 14, 2013: » Disabing the "Try and Decide" service in the Services Management Console may work, but it may also be that the driver referenced (tdrpm258.sys) will still be loaded and active. Whether or not this will affect stability as it has in the past would not be known until you encountered an issue.

    Regarding the BlueTooth behavior - you do appear to have some stale BT component that, while not directly implicated in the bugcheck, could be affecting stability: btusbflt.sys

  3. CHARLES PATTERSON replied on February 15, 2013: » I have two Acronis services: non-stop backup and scheduler which I have set to manual. The tdrpm258 driver continues to load. Since I do not require this functionality is there some way that I can prevent the driver from loading. I am reluctant to do anything drastic like renaming the file as I do not understand how a file system filter driver relates to the operation of the system.

    I will investigate btusbflt.sys . Apparently this is a Broadcom driver. I have a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard so not sure if this was installled with those.

  4. RANDY WILSON replied on February 16, 2013: » Go to Start, Run, type in msconfig and press enter. Go to the startup tab and see if Acronis is listed there. If so, uncheck it, reboot, and see if ATI still works.

    I have Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR on my Win7 32-bit. The BTHPORT.SYS driver is listed as coming from MS and is version 6.1.7600.16385. I also have BTHUSB.SYS with the same version. The MS Bluetooth Enumerator (BTHENUM.SYS)also has the same version. I believe my initial install was from the dongle manufacturer's disk, and then it updated through MS updates. Not sure if the 64-bit version of Win7 would work the same or not.

  5. MICHAEL GIFFORD replied on February 17, 2013: » You can prevent tdrpm258.sys from loading by searching for the driver name in a subkey of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services. It may even be a key named tdrpm258. It would be included in a value named "ImagePath". In the same key in which tdrpm258.sys is referenced in the ImagePath value's data, note the data of the Start value. Then, after you've noted what it is, change it to 4. Reboot, and the driver should not be loaded.

    Note that depending on dependencies, this may have adverse affects - other functions of the Acronis (or other) software may not work, or your system may even become unbootable. As I don't know what the driver is for or what depends on it and what it depends on, it is difficult to say what may happen. It is possible that there may be no effects, other than the prevention of the driver loading. I guess, what I'm trying to communicate is that you should have a decent backup before making this change.

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