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Windows7 Home 32Bit Jjune.sys Constant Blue Screen 0xD1

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MARK EHLERS asked on February 15, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows7 Home 32Bit Jjune.sys Constant Blue Screen 0xD1

» I first got this BSOD 1 month 3 weeks ago just popped out of no where, I already knew what D1 was Driver issues, or temperature. But I have a custom digital gauge in the front of my Tower reading all internal temps, my PC is well cooled and has never gone over 50C so I know that isn't it. and I checked all my drivers sure enough video and sound were out of date, so I updated. Code is 0x000000D1

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» Simply put, PC driver update software can save you time and lower your irritation level. Even if you are experienced at finding and downloading drivers, the process can still be time consuming and frustrating. Often device names are represented differently. For example, when we looked for drivers on the Intel site, even with the device number, we had a hard time finding the drivers we needed. Driver updaters can find the right drivers for you and safely download them to your system, either automatically or when you request them.

A Blue Screen of Death is usually hardware or driver related. Most BSODs show a STOP code that can be used to help figure out the root cause of the Blue Screen of Death. If the blue screen flashed and your computer rebooted automatically before you had time to read anything, Some viruses(HackTool:Win32/Keygen) can cause a Blue Screen of Death, especially ones that infect the master boot record (MBR) or boot sector. Make sure your virus scanning software is completely up to date and that it's configured to scan the MBR and boot sector.

Simply use DLL Suite for a non-experienced pc user, a totally automated free repair tool supports for free download and fix of any .dll file, .exe file or .sys file.

Click DLL Suite's Dashboard menu > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, and the blue screen of death or any other sys file related error will be repaired automatically. With the help of DLL Suite, it is much easier to fix BSOD and other errors due to the damaged .sys file.

VICTOR STERUP replied on February 19, 2013

All Answers:

  1. GABRIEL GIRALDO replied on February 15, 2013: » The driver jjune.sys is unknown. make a full scan with an AntiVirus Scanner like Microsoft Security Essentials and also scan your PC with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

    Look at the file versions of the driver and look if you can see the manufacture. Which network related tool do you run?

  2. MARK EHLERS replied on February 15, 2013: » Well after some research into what runs along with this I pin pointed it to the "RealTek High Definition Audio" driver, and well for some reason my Driver Updater program didn't detect a new version for it! Apparently the last version of the driver [R2.53] is causing major problems with Windows 7 users resulting in BSOD's and complete system lock ups!

    I manually updated it to [R2.54] and the jjune.sys in the drivers directory now shows a modification date of 11/10/2010 so I assume I was correct. It's been 1 Hour 32Min since I rebooted the system with the new driver and everything seems to be working fine.

  3. J OPAALINSKI replied on February 15, 2013: » More than likely though, it would be a hardware issue. I'd remove all the RAM, place 1 stick in at a time and see how it boots with each of them. If that's not the problem, check your HDD, you can hook it up to another computer via a drive adapter or set it as a slave. run a health test on it and if that comes back clean, then you might have a MoBo or Processor issue.

  4. GRANT HALES replied on February 17, 2013: » Please understand that to troubleshoot the blue screen issues, we usually need to perform debugging. However, we do not provide debugging support here. If you would like to perform debugging, please contact Microsoft Customer Support Service (CSS).

  5. MARK EHLERS replied on February 18, 2013: » Well it's been 2 days so I believe it's safe to say that it's been fixed! so if anyone else starts getting a 0x00000D1 and you use a reltek audio driver check to see if it needs updating!

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