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Windows 7 Getting Error Ststring.dll Missing At Startup

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Ststring.dll not found

HERBY ANDERSON asked on March 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Windows 7 Getting Error Ststring.dll Missing At Startup

» I get an error message that ststring.dll is missing when I start my computer running windows 7 home premium. It suggests I reinstall it. What is ststring.dll and how and should I reinstall it?

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» Missing dll files seem inconsequential until you attempt to ignore them. The missing dll file can cause a widely varied host of problems with your PC's basic function. One of the most common questions from users is, "Why is it missing?" So we'll discuss that first.

1. A program being installed overwrote the dll file. It could have been an older or incompatible version of the dll that will now wreak havoc with your programs and cause the infamous "dll error." 2. A bad installation of a program can corrupt a dll file or even multiple dll files resulting in dll errors. 3. Another program was removed or uninstalled from the computer and the uninstallation removed a vital dll file still needed for another program or by the operating system. 4. The dll file or an associated file was manually deleted (maliciously or accidentally, the result is the same). 5. Virus(Trojan:Win32/Avkill.E) infection removal causes a dll file missing.

The best way to fix/avoid dll errors is to obtain a good dll file fixer with a dll file library. This kind of fixer is a tool designed to scan the PC's entire dill files. The fixer can contain a variety of corruptions/errors such as those causing dll errors on the computer. Users experiencing problems with error codes of any type should immediately check to make sure that there is a solid dll fixer in place, not only to address the problems they are currently experiencing, but to drastically decrease the number of problems they will experience in the future.

Here is the dll file fixer DLL Suite. Install it on your computer for your convenience. Run a scan for errors immediately. The program should conduct an automated repair process to "clean" your system, and free download whatever dll file missing.

With this professional dll error fixer in place, you'll find that the number of dll errors and other common error codes will greatly decrease and you'll be able to experience your computer functioning at optimum levels again. Most users who obtain a dll error fixer also note that the program speeds up their computer and makes it run "like new" again.

WOLLCH SHLOMO replied on March 20, 2013

All Answers:

  1. ALLIE HARTGROVE replied on March 14, 2013: » This file might belong to Dell DataSafe Local Backup.

    Find "Dell DataSafe Local Backup" in your Program Files folder.

    You should be able to locate a backup file and copy it to theC:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\Components\scheduler

    Look at the other subfolderds under the main program.

    If you can not find a backup of the file contact Dell support and ask for a copy/solution.

  2. MARTIN JONES replied on March 15, 2013: » Had this problem after using c cleaner (. auslogics.) I used system restore. It IS part of dell data safe. it was just annoying me. I used dell data safe to create discs but have not updated to real time back up, It wasn't critical, just irritating.I purchased fix cleaner instead. I do use Auslogics disk defrag though.

  3. FRANCISCO DUENAS replied on March 16, 2013: » Again, I have to say that for system files to be deleted as "viruses" or "unsafe files" or whatever by anti-virus software cannot be looked at any other way than as a scam to get you to purchase additional software to fix your computers.

    I suggest that anyone who isn't a "computer" person and who tries to fix something and is led to a shopping cart/ check-out, to call your computer's support group. In the case of this "upgrade", it would have provided me with a whole bunch of back up that I don't need. (Some people may want the additional back up. I personally can back up my media with an external hard drive... my personal media are songs, pictures and a few documents.)

  4. JAMES HEBB replied on March 17, 2013: » Find "Dell DataSafe Local Backup" within your Program Files (for me, this was under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup")

    > Locate the file STLog.dll in this directory

    > Copy the file - and I hasten to repeat, COPY it (do not move or cut the file, as this will cause many more issues)

    > Find the Scheduler folder (for me, this was under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell DataSafe Local Backup\Components\scheduler"

    > Paste the file in to this directory

  5. AMY RATLIFF replied on March 19, 2013: » This message stems from a backup application called Datasafe that ships with Dell computers. If you do not use Datasafe and would like to get rid of the message, you can uninstall it normally within the control panel and the message will stop appearing. If you do wish to use Datasafe, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it from the Dell link below.

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