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What is L1c62x86.sys and How to Fix Sys File Errors

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L1c62x86.sys error

MARK MILETIC asked on December 24, 2012. Status: Answered & Closed.

What is L1c62x86.sys and How to Fix Sys File Errors

» What is l1c62x86.sys and how to fix sys file errors?

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» The l1c62x86.sys is an L1c PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver file of Atheros Communications, Inc. Its default location is 'C:\Windows\system32\drivers\' folder. L1C62x86.sys is a 32-bit executable that requires no direct user interface. It is a PE style file and does not appear to be internally referenced by any other file. Ntoskrnl.exe, Hal.dll and Ndis.sys are required when running this program.

L1C is a civilian use signal, broadcast on the L1 frequency (1575.42 MHz), which contains the C/A signal used by all current GPS users. The L1C will be available with first Block III launch, scheduled for 2014. Its implementation will provide C/A code to ensure backward compatibility.

PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express), officially abbreviated as PCI-E, is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard designed to replace the older PCI, PCI-X, and AGP bus standards. PCI-E has numerous improvements over the aforementioned bus standards, including higher maximum system bus throughput, lower I/O pin count and smaller physical footprint, better performance-scaling for bus devices, a more detailed error detection and reporting mechanism (Advanced Error Reporting (AER) [1]), and native hot-plug functionality. More recent revisions of the PCI-E standard support hardware I/O virtualization.

PCI-E 3.0 is the latest standard for expansion cards that is in production and available on mainstream personal computers. PCI Express operates in consumer, server, and industrial applications, as a motherboard-level interconnect (to link motherboard-mounted peripherals), a passive backplane interconnect and as an expansion card interface for add-in boards. In most of these systems, the PCI-E bus co-exists with one or more legacy PCI buses, for backward compatibility with the large body of legacy PCI peripherals.

PCI Express is a serial connection that operates more like a network than a bus. Instead of one bus that handles data from multiple sources, PCI-E has a switch that controls several point-to-point serial connections. These connections fan out from the switch, leading directly to the devices where the data needs to go. Every device has its own dedicated connection, so devices no longer share bandwidth like they do on a normal bus.

A variety of Ethernet controllers is integrated into almost all models starting with the introduction of the A, T and X series. The Ethernet controller is located on either a MiniPCI card, Communications Daughter Card (CDC), or integrated on the systemboard.

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TYLER NELSON replied on December 31, 2012

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