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Unable to Reinstall Missing Rundll32.exe or Open .exe Files

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Rundll32.exe not found

GREGORY EVERSMAN asked on January 6, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Unable to Reinstall Missing Rundll32.exe or Open .exe Files

» rundll32.exe was erased when erasing a virus. Now, I CAN'T OPEN .EXE FILES. what do I do to open Rundll32.exe when my computer won't let me select Rundll32.exe as a program to open Rundll32.exe with. I select it in the open with menu through browse, and it doesn't appear in the list of programs I can use, like Internet Explorer and WoW did.

Best Answer

» The exe file like Rundll32.exe runs programs and can be used as a delivery system for viruses or other malicious programs. Viruses often reside to .exe files (Exploit:Java/CVE-2011-3544!jar, for example); they can be running in the background, infecting or compromising the computer.

It is highly recommended that you install DLL Suite and start scanning for free; you will find that you can finally free your windows of this and other irritating and time-wasting issues in just a few minutes from now. Please do as follows after a virus scan:

Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan.

In DLL Suite’s Dashboard menu there is a built-in feature of Fix EXE Virus, which is processed by the action of Click Fix DLL Errors button. DLL Suite is a professional repair tool to deal with any dll files with .exe extension!

MARK SIGMAN replied on January 13, 2013

All Answers:

  1. ADRIAN WALKER replied on January 6, 2013: » Try this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Type assoc .exe=exefile (note the space) and press Enter. You may have to restart the computer.

  2. GREGORY EVERSMAN replied on January 7, 2013: » Can't open Command Prompt, as "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe is not a valid win32 application." (when i open cmd prompt it asks me to open with. I clicked cmd prompt again and it gave me that message.) If I can get CMD open i bet that will work.

  3. JAMES KAPPHAHN replied on January 8, 2013: » I found a copy of the rundll32.exe and copied it to the C:\windows\system32 folder, overwriting the file there, but I still am unable to run most programs (including Malwarebytes) and things in the Control Panel. Some programs I can open by right clicking and selecting "run as..". This doesn't work on Control Panel items. What should I try next?

  4. CHRISTOPHER BRUCE replied on January 8, 2013: » I am on a laptop at this time. My problem is with my windows xp home edition desktop. I cannot access a website or bring up a address bar to input your link. Whenever i click on internet explorer or itunes or anything that has to be opened up, i get the "open with" box. I tried removing the rundll32.exe and it coming back into the folder. When i go into folder c\windows\system32\rundll32.exe and delete the file, i go back to search results and it comes back in the search results after a couple of seconds.

  5. VANCITY CLASSIC replied on January 9, 2013: » The goal is not to delete the rundll32 permanently but to replace it with a valid replacement. If your wfp is replacing the file then there is no need to continue deleting it.

    That said, the easiest way to fix this is to use a flash drive (thumb drive) or other removable media to download and run the file on the link I gave to you. However, if you do not have access to removable media you can try to reassociate executable files manually: CTRL-ALT-DEL and open Task Manager. Once there, click File, then hold down the CTRL key and click New Task (Run). This will open a Command Prompt window. On the command line type assoc.exe=exefile > Press Enter. You should receive a prompt the action was successful.

    It sounds like your shortcuts may have been disassociated as well. On the command line type assoc.lnk=lnkfile > press Enter.

    Next, click on Hit Malware and run a full scan with it.

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