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System Restarts Automatically At Mup.sys

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Mup.sys startup error

DANIEL BRANDEBERRY asked on February 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

System Restarts Automatically At Mup.sys

» System cannot be booted in Normal mode, safe mode etc. System restarts automatically when it is at Mup.sys.

Best Answer

» If the driver Mup.sys becomes corrupted, outdated or damaged, even you start your computer in Safe Mode, you would get system restart loop problems. The behavior of particular program or Windows itself can change dramatically. Because of Mup.sys seems to be an exe file, that means, an executable program, it can’t function properly when damaged. Most of those problems start with a hard disk problem, but it can be also a result of virus(Worm:Win32/Phorpiex.M) or other malware 'function'. So what to do? First scan your hard disk with a 'Error checking' tool - this is a part of Windows. Than try to re/install the damaged software from a clean source.

However, due to the complexity of Mup.sys error, the Mup.sys related Dll files may have been invalid/broken or even infected by malware or virus and even by virus removal. It is a must to fix the problem completely. Please follow the instructions below to fix Mup.sys error.

Download DLL Suite, install and run > Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan

In DLL Suite’s Dashboard menu there is a built-in feature of Fix BSOD, which aims to remove all .sys file related problem automatically!

WINSTON DRAUNJO replied on February 16, 2013

All Answers:

  1. MELISSA TAYLOR replied on February 14, 2013: » Probably a missing driver. After mup.sys loads Windows loads additional basic drivers that don't show on the screen. Among these are drivers for keyboard, mouse, USB, video. Try Last Known Good Configuration at the options screen.

    You may also be able to access the programs and backup folders that they (hopefully) created. But your best shot is a Repair of Windows.

  2. DANIEL BRANDEBERRY replied on February 14, 2013: » I think I have two partions, when you said that cd will probably work did you mean windows pro or the ultimate boot cd... My computer savy friend here is talking a portable harddrive data transfer then a complete reinstall of windows which i want to avoid if I can

  3. JACK MORRISON replied on February 15, 2013: » In Recovery Console it should ask you which installation you wish to log into. You would normally see both C:\Windows and D:\MiniNT (or is it MinNT?) as choices when things are working OK. If you see C:\MiniNT, then it can't even see the C: partition as being valid.

    The MiniNT is a Recovery Partition that will restore the system to the way it was when it came from the factory. This Recovery option might have an option to save your data, it might not. Check the User Manual for how to start the process; F10, F11, CTRL+F11 are common key presses at boot for access to the Recovery process. Any applications that did not come with the PC would have to be re-installed.

    If it doesn't show C:\Windows as a choice, then the main OS is corrupted enough that the Recovery Console can't recognize it. If you can log into D:\MinNT portion, you may be able to run chkdsk on the C: drive and at least see if there are any disk/file system errors.

  4. VINCENT SAMUEL replied on February 16, 2013: » In this case as you can't boot in Safe mode the only usable option is to run chkdsk C: /R, either from a boot CD or by connecting the drive to another PC.

    If you can get into the Recovery Console using the XP Pro CD, you can run it from there.

    I don't know if the UBCD has chkdsk or not, but the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows does.

    The PC Recovery might not work; if there are bad sectors on the drive it probably won't until those sectors have been found and marked as unusable, which is what the chkdsk /R command does. The system files restored by the PC Recovery would be located in pretty much the same spot on the disk that they are now, so you would likely have the same problem.

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