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System Has Failed Because Iertutil.dll Was Not Found

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Iertutil.dll is missing

J BOYLE asked on January 2, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

System Has Failed Because Iertutil.dll Was Not Found

» windows xp pro stops immediately after starting up and says that this application has failed because iertutil.dll was not found.

Best Answer

» The iertutil.dll file is required for explorer.exe to start. If explorer.exe is not able to run, you will not be able to do much with your system until the file is replaced.

The file could have been deleted accidentally, malicious software could have deleted it or your antimalware software could have quarantined it thinking it was a threat.

The iertutil.dll is not one of the 3498 files that are protected under Windows File Protection so it will not be replaced automatically if it comes up missing. This means that sfc /scannow will not help you. It is also not on your XP installation CD for you to copy or expand. You will have the same problem trying to boot into any kind of Safe Mode. You will not be able to run a browser on the afflicted system to get on the Internet to download one.

Firstly, restore your windows by the method from CHASE CARD, but it's not the end of the story, this error has probably been caused by a serious virus as Exploit:JS/Blacole.KS, and then you need to fine tune your system with DLL Suite, which is a special tool to deal with such situation. And it can be exploited to get rid of this hassle in case that you are unable to access to the Internet by other virus attacks.

It allows you to free download any missing or corrupted .dll file, sys files and exe files. Furthermore, it can make up any losses to the operating system because of its three built-in features: fixing exe virus infection, fixing sys file errors and fixing dll file errors. And it is quite easy to use.

KHIZER KHAN replied on January 8, 2013

All Answers:

  1. CHASE CARD replied on January 3, 2013: » Using Task Manager to opy iertutil.dll from a working system to the afflicted system with the same version of XP and Internet Explorer or sometimes copy one in from another location on your system.

    When you see the error, you can click past it and eventually get to your desktop background image where you can press CTRL-ALT-DEL to launch Task Manager. From TM you can click File, New Task, Browse and change the drop down "Files of type" to All Files so you can see all the files in all folders.

    Browse/Navigate to c:\windows\system32 to see if iertutil.dll is really missing. If the error pops up again while you are browsing, click OK to get past it. Then, still using Task Manager, browse to c:\windows\system32\dllcache and see if there is a copy of the file there. If not, it is going to be elsewhere on your system and you can find it another way.

    When you get going again, your system could still be afflicted so no matter what else you are using for malware protection, do a full scan with some trustworthy antivirus software (Hit Malware)

  2. SERGE MASCHE replied on January 3, 2013: » Hi i have the same problem but i can get onto the internet through my computer with google chrome does that give me some advantage of what to do.

    I was not allowed to do system restore, and i can't find the file iertutil.dll, but please can you give me some ideas of how to use internet to fix my computer? I Have A Windows Xp Dell Dimension 8400

  3. PETER REDFERN replied on January 4, 2013: » Thanks for your help!I will try it as soon as I fix this other problem that I have created. Now when I switch it on Toshiba logo comes up and the screen goes blank like I switched it back off. Whenever I get pass this and do exactly as you told me to do. I have AVG antivirus, as a matter of fact thats what I was doing the last time I used it. It was saying that my computer was at risk because my copy of AVG was outdated. I upgraded and started windows updates and set it to shutdown afterwards. I came back later and saw that error on there. I really appreciate you for helping me.

  4. ADAN LINARESBARRON replied on January 6, 2013: » I am having the same problem. The provided solutions are not enough. I am using Windows Vista 64 bits. All are up to date, and I run an antivirus to check malware but everything is ok. What is causing this problem?

  5. MARY TASCHLER replied on January 6, 2013: » I was thinking about using IE 9. The reason I mentioned it in the first place was that in similar circumstances a person changed a similar type setting on their Video Card Properties to fix problems with Windows Live Messenger. You are on the right track looking at Nvidia as a possible cause.

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