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SVCHOST.exe Trouble: Using Up 25% of My CPU

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SVCHOST.exe high CPU

RAMAKRISHNA KUMAR asked on January 6, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

SVCHOST.exe Trouble: Using Up 25% of My CPU

» Currently on Windows Vista Home Premium, having trouble with SVCHOST.exe using up constantly anywhere from 20% to 30% of my CPU. I am almost positive this is not a virus, so please try to steer clear of that answer.

Best Answer

» SVCHOST is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLL).

What that means is that several services are hosted within a single SVCHOST. These services are grouped logically based on their functions. For example several service pertaining to the updating, user interface, or the firewall could be grouped together. Thus, if one SVCHOST crashes it may not necessarily impact the entire functionality of the Operating System.

Why is it consuming so much of my CPU? To answer this question you first need to identify what processes are running under that particular SVCHOST. The following will walk you through creating a text file with information regarding the running processes. Once we have this information we can determine how to proceed from there.

How to determine what is running under SVCHOST.exe

1. Open Task Manager, click View, click Select Columns, click PID (Process Identifier), and click OK.
2. Locate the PID for the svchost.exe with the high CPU usage – document this number.
3. Now click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.
4. Type tasklist /svc >%homepath%\Desktop\results.txt
5. This will output the results to a text file on your desktop.
6. Copy and paste that information into your reply, and indicate the PID number you gathered initially.

When being inflicted by the exe virus (TrojanDownloader:Win32/Delf.TV), CPU will be highly used and cause the slowdown of the operating system. here is a program for you to scan the computer for registry errors and fix related viruses. Download DLL Suite and run it, click its "Fix EXE Virus" menu and then click the Scan button, it will automatically analyze the error and remove .exe virus infection for you.

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KENNETH BELL replied on January 13, 2013

All Answers:

  1. MARY ELEN replied on January 7, 2013: » if this is something you were experiencing with the initial factory installation of your Vista operating system, then programs that came installed with it are possible contributing to such performance issues. If you choose you may list your computer's make and model so that we may assist you in checking compatibility.

  2. CEFERINO DIAZ replied on January 8, 2013: » The information you previously posted suggests that either the DcomLaunch or the PlugPlay service are causing the excessive CPU usage. The easiest way to figure out which one is the service consuming the CPU usage is to "stop" one or the other during the spike in CPU usage.

  3. PETER FLYNT replied on January 8, 2013: » What that suggests is that the services are presently disabled. When you right click either of those entries you should have a list of available options such as Stop, Start, Pause, Resume, etc. Additionally, these services should display their Status as Started, and Startup Type as Automatic. If these settings are not as indicated, and you did not modify them, then there may be other issues with your system.

    Also, it is normal for a CPU to spike when programs are opened. Depending on your processor it may not be uncommon for specific or a combination of applications to keep your CPU at a high usage for a sustained period. Try going through the initial troubleshooting again, and double-checking the PID for the suspected SVCHOST. Let us know what items are listed under that PID to confirm that the issue is indeed related to DCOM or Plug and Play.

  4. J YOUNG replied on January 9, 2013: » I have the same problem (svchost constantly at 40% + cpu usage, regardless of what is happening on the pc), resulting in slow processing of other applications. As with wild gamer it is the instance of svchost that has DCOM and plug and play attached. They are the only services running off that svchost. I have had vista (home premium) installed by the laptop manufacturer (ACER) and this seems to have ongoing for a while now. I also cannot stop either service (all options greyed out on both).

  5. RAMAKRISHNA KUMAR replied on January 10, 2013: » I actually found the answer to my problem. The problem was an audio driver that somehow installed incorrectly on my system. I updated and reinstalled the driver and the problem was fixed. The problem was "Realtek High Definition Audio" under Sound, video and game controllers in Device Manager.

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