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Restarting Trouble With My Computer

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Computer Restarting

RICHARD WESTLING asked on March 3, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Restarting Trouble With My Computer

» Computer is 4 months old and have without any problems been running Windows XP Pro 32 Bit and the Windows 7 RC 64 bit with the same applications i hawe on Windows 7. My computer restarts without any reason.

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» Infocard.exe is a process used by Windows CardSpace service. It is a legitimate Microsoft tool that automatically launches at computer startup and securely stores digital identities of a person and provides a unified interface for choosing the identity for a particular transaction such as logging to a particular website or domain. Infocard.exe can be removed easily from computer startup without damaging any system processes and files. This simple task prevents it from running and consuming system resources.

Click the Windows "Start" button and click "Run" or "Start Search" (Windows Vista users) > Type "services.msc" (without quotes); press "Enter" to open the services window. This window displays system programs and downloaded applications.

Scroll through the Services window and double-click "Windows CardSpace Services."> Click "Disabled" on the "Startup-type" window and click "OK" to save the changes. Close the services window. This will remove this application from startup and prevent it from running on your computer.

Then use DLL Suite to fine tune your system and remove virus infection if there is any virus/Trojon or malware attack(Backdoor:Win32/Phdet). Dll Suite has built-in features of fixing exe virus infection and free downloading dll files.

LEON THOMAS replied on March 8, 2013

All Answers:

  1. BRIAN COMBS replied on March 3, 2013: » Let us use the Event Viewer Tool to find out what is t he cause of the issue.

    Here is how: Type eventvwr.msc /s in the address bar. List any events that are listed as "Error" in the main window when you go to "Windows Logs" and "Application." There are often a lot of them. Send us whichever ones you see listed for the last couple days.

  2. MARCO PALTA replied on March 3, 2013: » Method 1: I would also suggest you to temporarily disable the security software and then check if you still face the same issue. You may also disable any other security applications running on your computer and then check.Do not forget to enable the security software after troubleshooting is done.

    Method 2: If the issue persists I would suggest you to perform a clean boot as you have performed earlier and check if any particular program is causing the issue.

    Method 3: If you are still not able to get the issue resolved I would suggest you to disable automatic restart of the computer and check if you get any error codes after performing it.

  3. GAIL TILLEY replied on March 5, 2013: » It may be the infocard.exe. That is the only constant in your error logs. You might try disabling the infocard function. Reportedly this will not damage any system resources. You can find how to disable in this tutorial:

  4. RICHARD WESTLING replied on March 6, 2013: » I have now for a long time been without restarting computer after i disabled the infocard.exe so the problem seems to be solved

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