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Popup Error Regarding Ugazehobiobac.dll and Feulfloigw.exe

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Ugazehobiobac.dll and Feulfloigw.exe errors

PRANAB DASH asked on January 3, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Popup Error Regarding Ugazehobiobac.dll and Feulfloigw.exe

» I got a popup saying "ugazehobiobac.dll" could not be found, I also got a suspicious software message on my norton and windows security that said "feulfloigw.exe" had been detected. nothing is available on the desktop or in my documents. Any HELP?

Best Answer

» After removing the virus/malware, you need to do data recovery. While the virus may be gone, it will have done a number of malicious things to the OS like create registry values to disable or hide functionality, like delete shortcuts from the start menu, the control panel, etc. If you don't want a fresh install then you'll have to go through and clean this up manually.  The shortcuts you'll have to rebuild from the mmc's(Microsoft Management Console) and such in Windows/System32 and elsewhere.

The registry values you'd do best to google around for based on your symptoms but if I remember correctly it's something like HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentControlSet\*. That's start->run...->"regedit", but don't fiddle much in there if you don't know what you're doing. Change the C: drive folder options to view hidden files and folders, and start going through and recursively unchecking hidden from sub-folder properties. You can look for some registry cleaning software, such as Unioptimizer; with their help, it will be much easier for you to get your files back, also restore the performance of your pc!

THOMAS GROOMS replied on January 9, 2013

All Answers:

  1. SARAH DAVIS replied on January 4, 2013: » Your computer was infected with malware. When a search for a file name in a message at Windows start complaining that the file can not be found results in either no hits or suspicious hits, the answer usually is that the file in question is malware-related and your anti-malware application has deleted or quarantined the file but left behind the Windows registry entry that attempts to start the malware when you start up your computer.

    Once you find the line with the offending file, either "Delete" it or uncheck it.  The latter prevents the line from being executed but you can reactivate it later by removing the checkmark.

    That you got into this situation notwithstanding that you apparently have installed some sort of anti-malware applications suggests that whatever you have may not be doing its job properly.  What version of "Norton" do you have?  Is your subscription current? 

  2. PRANAB DASH replied on January 4, 2013: » I just renewed my subscription to Norton.  When I started up in Windows as usual, I can see everything and it appears normal--I can access the web, my systray looks OK--just no functionality elsewhere and none of the menu are populated with anything.

    When Norton caught the feulflowigw.exe, it quarantined & deleted it. Norton caught two more—WinDefragFraud and Rogue:Win32/FakePAV. Windows recovery ended up quitting because the HDD message about ugaze.dll came back.

    I remembered that I was running with no protection software for about 2 days which is where all these viruses came from. once I get done scanning & cleaning, how do I get the "missing" or unreadable partition or sector back? 

  3. SRECKO STRUCL replied on January 5, 2013: » If you were connected to the Internet for 2 days with no active antivirus or other protection, long-time MS-MVP PA Bear would tell you that the only thing you should now do is a clean reinstall of Windows. If you're not ready to face up to that, I suggest seeking guided help in removing the malware that has infected your computer from one of the specialty forums.

  4. PRANAB DASH replied on January 7, 2013: » I did it in regular boot booted it normally.  the malwarebytes found several trojan viruses and a couple others. Viruses are gone and I just need to get my files/hard drive section back.

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