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Notification.Dll File Registration Problem

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Notification.Dll error

DAVID GARCIA asked on March 7, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Notification.Dll File Registration Problem

» Wireless configuration notification.dll has not been registered, program will not work properly.

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» When uninstall software, a DLL file that was also required by another application is deleted. When this particular DLL file is called when run this application, you might receive a DLL missing error. To solve the problem, you need to download this particular .dll file to fix the problem. However, it's not always the case. This type of error could also occur when a DLL has an incorrect name or is put in a wrong location, it's on your computer, but can't be found. Then you need to correct the application path to solve the problem.

Two major reasons may cause a corrupt DLL file, a primary reason is virus and malware infection(TrojanDropper:Win32/Startpage.B), for virus infection might corrupt or delete a DLL file, another is related to unsuccessful installation of a file. Antivirus program or reinstall the file can solve the problem.

DLL files are updated regularly along with the update of applications, however, most DLLs are backwards compatible, which means you won't run into any problems if you install a new version, but an older version is called for. On the contrary, if you install an older version, but a new version DLL is called for, then it will become the most troublesome problem of DLL errors. In that case, you need to update the application to keep up with the latest DLL version.

The simplest, cheapest and quickest solution to deal with above DLL errors is to download a professional dll error fixer-- DLL Suite to scan your system and repair all corrupt DLL files!

STUART KEELER replied on March 13, 2013

All Answers:

  1. SCOTT EDWARDS replied on March 7, 2013: » t is suggested that you follow the steps mentioned below.Step 1: Perform SFC scan on your machine to check if this is related to missing or corrupt system file.Step 2: Test the issue in safe mode with networking.Step 3: You may also do system restore to the point your computer was functioning fine.

  2. DAVID GARCIA replied on March 7, 2013: » My wifi internet doesn't work. It gives me a message saying "not registered the dll notification. The program does not work properly" I did the sfc scan already and i still get this message.

  3. KELLY OHALLORAN replied on March 8, 2013: » Go to start right click the command prompt as Run as administrator and tried to registered the dll.
    C:\WINDOWS\sytem32>regsvr32 wltrynt.dll (Press Enter)

  4. YAKOV BERLIN replied on March 11, 2013: » I had the same problem and the regsvr32 didn't work first time. To fix I right clicked on Command Prompt and selected "Run as Administrator" and then ran the same command and it worked just fine. This might be a problem associated with Windows 7 but I thought I would post just in case others had same initial result.

  5. DAVID GARCIA replied on March 12, 2013: » I had the same error code when I first right clicked the command prompt as administrator and tried to registered the dll. I then took the following steps:

    After the C:\\WINDOWS\sytem32>

    type: space
    then type: regsvr32
    then type: space
    then type: wltrynt.dll
    then press: enter
    This was how I succeeded to register the dll. Hope I helped.

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