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No Download Button On WinHlp32.exe Download Page

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WinHlp32.exe error

GEORGE KITCHIN asked on January 22, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

No Download Button On WinHlp32.exe Download Page

» The problem is, I can't find a download button anywhere on the download page. I logged in as the administrator to make sure that wasn't the problem. I'm not sure what else to try. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be or another way to download the same file from the Microsoft Web site?

Best Answer

» Winhlp32.exe is the Microsoft Windows Help File viewer. this process opens files, on user request relating to the said subject. Starting with the release of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, Microsoft has decided to no longer include in WinHlp32.exe as a component of the Windows operating system. Microsoft made this decision because WinHlp32.exe has not had a major update for many years, and it does not meet their standards for all new Microsoft programs. Microsoft realizes that this may cause some problems for customers who want to upgrade to Windows Vista or to Windows Server 2008 but still rely on 32-bit .hlp files. Therefore, Microsoft is making WinHlp32.exe available as a download from the Microsoft Download Center.

EXE is a file extension for an executable file format. EXE files allow users to launch programs without needing additional software on the user's computer special software. Viruses often reside to .exe files, which are then re-named to resemble common software packages. They can be running in the background, infecting or compromising the computer.

Computers that are infected with malware can exhibit any of the following symptoms: Increased CPU usage; Appearance of strange files, programs, or desktop icons; Slow computer or web browser speeds; Problems connecting to networks; Freezing or crashing; Modified or deleted files.

Or you can use DLL Suite to fix this problem automatically be cause DLL Suite is created with one of its special tool called "Fix EXE Virus", which is specially targeted to fix virus infection problems.

JAMES HILF replied on January 28, 2013

All Answers:

  1. PATRICIA WILLIAMS replied on January 22, 2013: » You have to click on the "Continue" button to start the WGA check. If the check passes, you see a download button.

  2. GEORGE KITCHIN replied on January 22, 2013: » I do click on the continue button over and over but it does nothing. It just sits there like the pile of ____ that windows is. Windows help is an absolute joke. It has me chasing all over doing their idiotic little tricks that accomplish nothing. There is no download anything. Just admit it windows. We've bought your garbage, you've got our money, and if we need help, well that's just too bad. Windows is a joke outfit run by a bunch of clowns.

  3. RICARDOJ CLIMENT replied on January 23, 2013: » I have exactly the same problem! This is a current one. The continue button didn’t seem to do anything towards validating my copy of vista. The computer i want to install help on is not connected to the internet. Any body still out there to help with this?

  4. PAUL TOMPKINS replied on January 26, 2013: » I am totally disgusted with windows vista support. I installed a CAD program called PUNCH Premium and am unable to use the HELP feature. I have spent several hours trying to troubleshoot your question. I have clicked continue and was validated according to Microsoft a couple dozen times and it is an endless loop because I still could not download the WinHlp32.exe file. Nowhere is a download icon even after validation. I have service pack 2 so I am up to date in this regard. Does anyone know more than we know? I am certain we all would love some kind of response from Microsoft. Is the tech staff out there?

  5. ELSA HUERTA replied on January 27, 2013: » I have been validated as a licensed Windows Vista user a dozen times and still there is not a download button that appears. Anymore ideas will be appreciated.

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