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Need To Reinstall Corefoundation.dll

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Corefoundation.dll install

VICTOR ROWLAND asked on March 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Need To Reinstall Corefoundation.dll

» A window pops up and says I need to reinstall CoreFoundation.dll for AppleSyncNotifier.exe. I downloaded and installed corefoundation.dll back into the system32 folder and then ran Regsvr32 corefoundation.dll and a window popped up and said make sure this version is for 32bit or 64bit. What the heck is going on?

Best Answer

» Corefoundation.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file which is used by Apple software products. It's designed to help open up all the media files that you might have on your computer, and is used extensively by the iTunes application & other Apple programs. If you are seeing errors relating to corefoundation.dll.

If you have versions of Apple software installed already, then you need to reinstall it, or upgrade to the latest version. First of all, you should download the latest version of iTunes or the other version of Apple software you have from Apple's website and then run the installer. Depending on which version of software you have, it will either show you that it wants to upgrade your current installation or repair your installation. You should let it reinstall by following the on-screen instructions.

If you're still receiving the error after a reinstall of your Apple software, you should then look to download the CoreFoundation.dll file from the Internet and replace your current version of it. You can download CoreFoundation.dll from DLL Suite for free, a clean and safe dll file library, and then place it in the c:\Windows\System32 folder of your PC. If it asks you if you want to overwrite the current version installed on your PC, select "yes". After you've done that, you should click on Start > Run (or search "Run" on Vista & Win7) and then type "cmd" in the box that appears. This will show you the command prompt, into which you should type regsvr32 corefoundation.dll. After that, restart your system and see if the error has gone.

Antivirus programs are software tools which scan through your PC and remove any of the viruses(Backdoor:Win32/Beksnoc.A) or malware infections that are on your system. It's often the case that viruses will infect various DLL files on your computer and then cause them to be unreadable to your PC. To ensure this is not happening on your computer, you should try using an antivirus program to scan through your system and remove any of the infections that cause all these errors.

After that, fix the associated dll file errors with DLL Suite, cause other related dll files have been affected by the missing dll file and the corresponding repair. In this way, you will restore the performance of your PC!

MASTER CARD replied on March 20, 2013

All Answers:

  1. JAMES CAVALIERI replied on March 14, 2013: » Go to My Computer, then local disk(C:)/Program Files/Common Files/Apple/Apple Application Support then right-click SQLite3.dll file and select copy then go back to the Apple folder then select Mobile Device Support then right-click on the window(not on the files in that folder) and select paste to add that in the folder.

  2. DENNIS SANFORD replied on March 15, 2013: » Sounds like you may want to uninstall the Apple software you have installed, and then reinstall the latest version. "CoreFoundation.dll was not found" or " Apple Application Support is missing" alert

  3. MINH VU replied on March 16, 2013: » DLL is located in C:\Windows\System32 and is associated with Applesoftware such as iTunes, QuickTime, MobileMe, etc.So you can install it by installing iTunes or Quicktime. Both are free. And you get iTunes or Quicktime as a bonus.

  4. JAMES SHACKELFORD replied on March 18, 2013: » I also got this error message on my Vista (HP Pavillion), I've tried to reinstall my iTunes with its latest version and it didn't help, I was advised that maybe the CoreFoundation.dll file is corrupted, so after downloading it from the Web and replacing the file, the error keeps popping up...any idea what to do? In another resource it says that corefoundation.dll was not founderrors might happen due to a bad windows registration or something like that...any idea how to proceed from here?

  5. PAUL WILLEY replied on March 18, 2013: » I am not sure if your problem has been resolved or not, I am providing best solution to resolve this error. You need to replace the corrupted or missing CoreFoundation.dll file with new file that you can download from the following link: WWW.DLLSUITE.COM.

    This is the best source on the net I have ever found to fix almost all DLL error messages, which is caused because of corrupted or missing .dll files. Good Luck

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