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Live Photo Gallery High CPU Error

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Live Photo Gallery Error

GEORGIA AUGHE asked on March 5, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Live Photo Gallery High CPU Error

» The Live Photo Gallery uses about 40% CPU whenever I open it. I'd like to know how to prevent the almost runaway CPU. It seems to be only one component, the dll.exe process that is causing it. Please let me know if there is a setting in Live Photo Gallery that can be changed to stop this.

Best Answer

» Slow performance, hang-ups (freezing), and random shutdowns are symptoms of high CPU usage. The CPU (processor) processes all of the instructions for programs. The rate at which CPU's process instructions in cycles which are measured in hertz (Hz), commonly extrapolated to megahertz (Mhz) and gigahrtz (Ghz). A given CPU has a maximum number of cycles which can be produced per second. Simply put, the CPU can only handle so much before it becomes encumbered by the number of processes and becomes slow.

While your computer is running extremely slow, open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and check the CPU usage. If your CPU usage stays at 100% all the time, there is a serious problem. Typically, your processor usage shouldn't go over 50% unless using large applications such as video games or media editing programs.

The problem may stem from hardware failure or software error or both. In order to diagnose the problem accurately, it's a good idea to know the common causes of high CPU usage so you might better identify the root cause. These are some of the common causes of high CPU usage: Out-of-date drivers; Running too many applications at once; Insufficient virtual memory; Overheating/Poor ventilation; Virus/Malware infections(Trojan:Win32/Derel.A). Most CPU Usage issues can be traced back to an overload of processes running, and too little resources to handle all of them. This does not mean that your computer has to be like this! Rather, you need to find which processes are clogging up your computer's performance and remedy them. While this can prove tough to do manually, automated programs such as DLL Suite can turn this chore into a walk in the park.

Dll Suite is a system optimizer that can seek out issues with your computer's configuration. It's one-click interface allows even the most novice computer users to take advantage of it's high-powered optimization engine.

M BAMBANG replied on March 11, 2013

All Answers:

  1. SEAN ASHER replied on March 5, 2013: » It could be a sub-process or application that's running in the background and taking all the CPU resources. To find and display what could be the problem try Process Explorer: In the taskbar select View and check: 'Show Process Tree' and the 'Show Lower Pane' options.

    Move your mouse cursor over any column in the right hand pane and right click and check the following boxes: 'Command Line' and 'Version'. Then expand the process named 'Explorer'. In the column on the left named 'CPU', look for any high CPU usage.

    Next click on the CPU column to sort the processes by %CPU usage. Move the mouse cursor over any process, you should see a popup with some detailed info. Then mouse over the process that's using most or all the CPU %. Then click on that process to highlight it, Now that it's highlighted, right click and from the options listed select: 'Search Online'.

    This should display what out there on the web about that process. You can also double click on any process to open up a more detailed 'Properties' window.

  2. ORDELL PEDERSON replied on March 5, 2013: » The cause is the DLLhost,exe. If you're unable to find the cause with ProcessExplorer, as suggested by SEAN ASHER, make an xperf trace [1] to diagnostic the high CPU usage.

  3. BANK AMERICA replied on March 7, 2013: » If you have a large number of photos, it will take Windows Live Photo Gallery quite a bit of time to process them and during this time, the CPU usage will be high. After awhile, it settles down to a very low level of usage.

    Also, there is a function that does face detection and recognition that seems to be enabled by default. This uses a large amount of CPU during the process. It also will eventually finish. It can be disabled under options

  4. GEORGIA AUGHE replied on March 9, 2013: » I went to Options to disable it and that already had been disabled by me some time back. There was another box that was checked, called Tooltips. Unchecked that and to my amazement the Process Explorer icon went from half green to flat line. Again - Just Amazing. One little check box and now the computer is running cool, 27 C, CPU usage 5%.

  5. JEFF JEVNIKAR replied on March 10, 2013: » I too had the same problem with Windows Live Photo Gallery. It caused CPU usage of near 100%. Tried every setting in options without much effect. Then uninstalled the Windows Live Essentials completely and re-installed from the Microsoft website. This worked for me.

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