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Justcheck.exe error

DEBRA COFFELT asked on January 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.


» I just recently obtained Windows 7 64 bit home premium on a new PC from Dell Computers. Whenever I boot up I get the message from an unknown publisher labeled Justcheck.exe, and when I reply no to the message, Java appears in my task box EACH TIME. I did a search on Microsoft, Dell, Java for this message to no avail.

Best Answer

» The exe file runs programs, it is thus one of the most useful types of files, but this also makes it potentially harmful. It can be used as a carrier for viruses (Trojan:Win32/Dynamer!dtc) or other malicious programs. If one clicks on a malicious exe file, over the next several hours or days the computer might become unstable. Often the user does not relate the problem back to the cause and attributes it to other factors, such as the need to defragment or replace a disk.

In case of a virus infection, personal information or password keystrokes might be handed over to an unknown website without knowledge of the user, or the machine might delete its own files and crash altogether; the system is slowing down and if left on the disk they accumulate trash and blow away your disk space. The infected files grow in size. Any of these scenarios and more can be set in motion by simply clicking on a 'bad' exe file.

The safest and quickest approach, without being bothered to reinstall Windows, is to use a professional repair tool DLL Suite. You simply do as follows:

Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan. And all the problems directly associated with Explorer.exe file are fixed, because of the built-in feature of Fix EXE Virus in the Dashboard menu.

GREGORY BRYANT replied on January 21, 2013

All Answers:

  1. SUSAN BICE replied on January 14, 2013: » Justcheck.exe is (I think) part of the Java update manager.My best advice would be that you go to anddownload/install the latest version of Java and see if the issue reoccurs.

  2. DEBRA COFFELT replied on January 15, 2013: » Whenever I get a nessage that states 'Unknown publisher WANTS TO CHANGE SOMETHING ON YOUR SYSTEM '( I am paraphrasing the exact message ), I become a bit leery.

    It seems a big outfit like Java would man-up to ownership when it is dealing with their own application.If they try to hide the ownership, what else would they be hiding?

  3. RUTH HUGHES replied on January 16, 2013: » I had this same problem, the justcheck.exe program kept popping up for me as well, except I clicked 'yes' eventually and installed the software. I noticed about a week later or so that my computer was running funny, and this is a computer that I don't do anything too sketchy on. Anyways, I ran my virus software and it came up with about 7 to 12 really bad virus's ( on sever alert level) and all the files had Java in the name. Not to mention the files were located in the SunWare Java Cache files. I know Sunware is a legit site, and I could be wrong, but the only weird thing that caught my eye was the justcheck.exe program. I also noticed that the icon for justcheck.exe had an icon with an orange/red background and a coffee cup. I know the real Java icon has a grey background. I don't know if that is any indication of anything what so every but just something to look out for.

    I would do what everyone else says and go download the latest client from the Java site and do not click the justcheck.exe program. If you have, run a virus scan on the whole computer and in your java files. I don't know if I am correct so if anyone else has any more information, than please let me know. I hope this helps

  4. MARIO MERCURI replied on January 17, 2013: » so i did a search for this jucheck thing as I got it as well and the publisher was unknown... I ran adaware and it got rid of it. as it was malware.... HOWEVER if you search for java and run a manual update check u will notice it runs the same program titled jucheck.exe and this time it shows the publisher to be Sun Microsystems

    so if it says unknown its malware. remove it with your choice of malware remover. I personally like and have used adaware for many years now and it works great.

  5. LYNNETTE CHALKER replied on January 20, 2013: » It's just the java updater. If it pops up on it's own then you have it in the default "automatically check for updates" config. If you don't update java, it will check every time you open windows and ask to update.

    If you want it to stop: Open control panel, then double click on the java icon, then on the advanced tab and then turn off automatic updates.

    You will now have to check manually for security updates for java. You will still get the pop up from windows because you are changing something, but you will know it is java because you initiated the change. If you still get the pop up with updates turned off, it is suspect and you should run your system checker (malware, virus, trojan, etc).

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