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Intelppm.sys Blue Screen

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Intelppm.sys BSOD

JOSEPH BURCH asked on January 8, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Intelppm.sys Blue Screen

» My computer has been BSOD'ing after playing games for a few minutes.During the Blue screen I could see it said intelppm.sys before it restarted

Best Answer

» Intelppm.sys is a Microsoft Intel processor driver that should be located in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers directory. Intelppm.sys Blue Screen can be caused by hardware conflicts or viruses/malware like TrojanDownloader:Win32/Waledac.R. Mostly, Intelppm.sys problem leads to blue screen of death (BSOD). Your computer may keep crashing, or BSOD is there when you are playing Battlefield 3 or other games.

You want to make sure your system is running clean of any virus/spyware and no issues with your registry. For an efficient solution to the easiest and quickest Intelppm.sys free fix, you may consider DLL Suite, it is especially useful for the daily PC Users: a totally automated free repair tool supports for free download and fix of any .dll file, .exe file or .sys file.

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GREG FERNANDEZ replied on January 16, 2013

All Answers:

  1. RICHARD SPENCER replied on January 8, 2013: » 1. Check with Steam's Support and ask in their forums for any known issues as the game itself could be the cause. Or known interactions with your hardware or software setup could be the issue.

    2. Check with Gateway Support, their on-line documentation, drivers, and diagnostics. Check for updates to the BIOS, low level chipset drivers, and the major on-board device drivers. Also update the major separate device drivers - run DriverView - set VIEW to Hide Microsoft drivers - update those without Dump in their names (see the driver update methods in the next message).

    Most of your drivers are very up-to-date however check them all to be sure. In some cases it MIGHT be necessary to revert back to an older driver though the troubleshooting process does not indicate that is needed at this time.

  2. JOSEPH BURCH replied on January 9, 2013: » I went and updated my bios, chipset, sound, and wired networking driver. I ran driver verifier, It didn't find anything unsigned. I ran sfc scan, It did not find anything. I have run memtest before for 3 or 4 passes and it did not find any errors.

  3. PAUL ORR replied on January 9, 2013: » It is possible AVG is involved, though there is no real indication, so try uninstalling it to see if there is any improvement. Below are recommendation to use while testing. Be sure to Uninstall then run the AVG Removal Tool to prevent remnants.

  4. JOSEPH BURCH replied on January 11, 2013: » I seemed to have fixed the blue screening. I removed avg and instead of it blue screening the video just crashed. I did some google work and said to revert to previous amd graphics drivers. I did that and it hasn't crashed yet.

    However, now I have somewhat of a different problem. After downloading MSE and prevx my computer started running slower than it usually does. Longer time to open up the task manager from crl+alt+del, lower frame rates in games, and sometimes when moving through windows explorer it'll freeze up to the point where i cant move my mouse for a few seconds. I saw that prevx was taking up alot of computer resources and looked on google and it said other people had prevx slow down their system. I removed prevx, but i'm still seeing the slowing. Do you know what this could be.

  5. HAZEM MILHEM replied on January 14, 2013: » the mouse driver is not loading or incorrect.The Warning tells you what to to. In Device Manager - Right Click on the problem mouseand Uninstall - then REBOOT (will have to use keyboard if the mouse is disabled). Then check to see if the mouse maker has an updated driver. If not re-install the same oneassuming it has its own driver.

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