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Ftdibus.sys Reliably Blue Screen On Windows 7x32

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Ftdibus.sys BSOD

KYLE ARENBURG asked on February 14, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Ftdibus.sys Reliably Blue Screen On Windows 7x32

» While installing a new processor kit, the install program upgraded my previously working just fine FTDI driver. Now, not only the new device does not work, but the old one that was using the old FTDI driver also no longer works. Both causes a BSOD a few seconds after being plugged in. The ftdibus.sys is shown as causing the problem in the BSOD screen itself.

Best Answer

» ftdibus.sys is simply a process used by your PC to open and execute the files that are required to run software and applications. It is known to all that Windows includes a huge number of files and folders, which are the main programs that comprise Windows operating system. If you are trying to launch a program but it cannot response, that means the associated ftdibus.sys process are missing or corrupted from the Applications folder. Occasionally, Windows becomes unresponsive because more and more process like ftdibus.sys file are corrupt or are an incorrect version that is not supported by the program or feature trying to access it.

A ftdibus.sys file should only be located in the Windows\system32 folder of your pc as this is the default path where this file is designed to execute from. Unfortunately, some of the undetected spyware may be responsible for the ftdibus.sys errors occurring on your computer by placing a file with the similar name. Moreover, an uninstall of a program that has been performed incorrectly or incompletely may also lead to the ftdibus.sys errors like a blue screen of death.

Or a virus(Exploit:Win32/CVE-2012-0158) can may corrupt the ftdibus.sys and make your system crash. For an easy solution, you will choose DLL Suite, it is specially used for a quick an safe approach to the blue screen fix.

Click DLL Suite's Dashboard menu > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, and the blue screen of death or any other sys file related error will be repaired automatically.

PHILIP FLEISHER replied on February 18, 2013

All Answers:

  1. SCOTT KLOSTERANN replied on February 14, 2013: » There appears to be a mismatch between the ftser2k.sys and the ftdibus.sys.

    The older driver is probably at issue.

    The older driver is probably at issue.

    Have you tried installing the drivers from the following site?

    Try using the setup.exe

  2. KYLE ARENBURG replied on February 14, 2013: » One issue is that I do not know how to remove the existing driver. It does not appear anywhere. I made the registry change to show all drivers and clicked on "Show hidden devices" in Device manager, but the FTDI drivers do not show anywhere.

    The driver I downloaded from the link above does not have an install program. Since the laptop crashes immediately when I plug the device, how am I supposed to install this driver?

    I tried to install directly from the right-click menu when clicking the inf files, but the driver does not allow installation that way.

  3. DAVID LARSON replied on February 15, 2013: » The old device is a microprocessor evaluation board made by Texas Instrument under the trade name Stellaris. On the Win XP computer that still runs the old device with the FT2232D, the serial driver is FTDI's ftser2k.sys and Microsoft's serenum.sys. Then there are two drivers in the USB section of Device Manager: Stellaris Evaluation Board A (ftdibus.sys, v2.04.16) and Stellaris Evaluation Board B(ftdibus.sys, v2.04.16) On the Win7 computer that crashes, ftser2k.sys is the same version as above, serenum.sys is v6.1.7600.16385, and ftdibus.sys is indeed v1.0.2134.1 dated 2003!!! This is consistent with what you found in the minidump file.

  4. TIM SHAKER replied on February 16, 2013: » What you need to upload is the actual minidump file. Try this:

    Go the the C:\Windows\Minidump folder and then right click one of the minidump files and select "Copy".

    Then, right-click on the Desktop and select "Paste".

    Then upload the pasted minidump file to Windows Live SkyDrive.

    Do the same for two more minidump files.

  5. KYLE ARENBURG replied on February 16, 2013: » Problem is that access to the minidump file is denied and am struggling to find how to open access despite being logged on as administrator. However I did get a screen of unresolved problems as listed in minidump come up and I managed to get 2 copied as you requested. I note that they are in code rather than text as presented by Bluescreen.

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