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Free Space of HDD In Windows 7

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HDD space

CARL LAURINO asked on March 11, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Free Space of HDD In Windows 7

» I installed Windows 7 two years ago, it's wonderful but over the time it consumed all the free space in the HDD(45Gb), even though i don't install software in C drive, The problem is that when i check how much space is used in C drive i find it 27Gb what about the other 18Gb. also every time i free space with CCleaner or remove some files manually it only last a week or few days to be full again. i defragmented the C but nothing happened, i don't want to reinstall win7.

Best Answer

» EXE files allow users to launch programs without needing additional software on the user's computer special software. The exe file is one of the most useful types of files precisely because it runs programs; however, it can be used as a delivery system for viruses or other malicious programs. Viruses often reside to .exe files, which are then re-named to resemble common software packages. They can be running in the background, infecting or compromising the computer. A file whose name ends in ".exe" is really a program that when opened causes the operating system to run the program. It is very important to scan an EXE file before opening it, and you should never open an EXE file if you don't know or trust its source.

Malware bundles itself with legitimate software, or in Trojans, which will disguises itself as a normal exe file or program to trick users into downloading and installing it. Computers that are infected with malware/virus (TrojanDownloader:Win32/Carberp.A) can exhibit any of the following symptoms: decreased space of HDD; Increased CPU usage; Appearance of strange files, programs, or desktop icons; Slow computer or web browser speeds; Problems connecting to networks; Freezing or crashing; Modified or deleted files.

In case that an exe file is infected with virus or malware, the safest and quickest approach, without being bothered to reinstall Windows, is to use a professional repair tool. It is for this purpose that DLL Suite is released. DLL Suite allows our users to get rid of the exe virus infection annoyance once for all, just because it has a special feature of Fix EXE Virus. This feature can do away with exe virus infection related problems mentioned above.

STEVEN HARRIS replied on March 17, 2013

All Answers:

  1. STEVE CAUDLE replied on March 11, 2013: » To investigate disk space usage download and install Treesize (freeware).

    When you open Treesize select Scan from the Menu and you will see a list of drives. Click on C and it will generate a list of Folders.

  2. PATRICK ALVEY replied on March 12, 2013: » You need a bigger drive. A 45gb drive is way too restrictive. You will be forever moving or deleting stuff. Assuming that the drive is an IDE type, get yourself a 120 or 160gb drive and clone the entire drive from old to new..

  3. GORDON MIDDLETON replied on March 13, 2013: » Memory management issue with an unknown type. This looks like your RAM is damaged. And you already run the diagnostic tool and got errors. So, replace the RAM.

  4. MICHAEL ALAPAI replied on March 15, 2013: » A simple solution is to move E to occupy the unallocated space (Espace libre) so that the unallocated space is then adjacent to C. You then expand C so that it becomes more than doubled in size.

  5. CARL LAURINO replied on March 16, 2013: » that tool is wonderful ... you can actually play with partitions, unlike the windows partition manager this tool allowed me to resize and move partitions solved me 2 problems:

    1. free space. now C has 68Gb free in 113Gb.

    2. I recently deleted a partition that i couldn't recreate using windows.

    but I still don't know where the free space went ... I'm afraid if C will be full again. untill then I'll keep enjoying my old lovely Win 7

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