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Fix Octosetup.Exe Virus Infection Error

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Octosetup.Exe Virus

EDMUND WONG asked on December 23, 2012. Status: Answered & Closed.

Fix Octosetup.Exe Virus Infection Error

» My internection connection never had a problem until 2 weeks ago. The only problem with it is that video streaming becomes too slow. And just a few days ago, I've been getting this message "Could not bind to localhost. Please check your firewall setup." when I startup the laptop. Does it have anything to do with the video streaming becoming slow?

Best Answer

» Octosetup.exe is the setup file of Octoshape Streaming Services of Octoshape ApS Company. Its latest version is Version 1109200. Streaming media innovator Octoshape provides the enabling technology required to bring TV Quality, TV Scale and TV Economics to the public Internet. The company is writing the next chapter of content delivery for broadband IPTV services. The Octoshape approach is more scalable, flexible and affordable than traditional content delivery (CDN) schemes, while providing feature-rich, high-quality viewing to the largest of audiences.

Octoshape, as Danish startup, is a developer of peer-to-peer software that enables live streaming of videos and radio broadcasts. As in the P2P "tree structure" approach, Octoshape benefits from end users' idle bandwidth, using a plug-in, to reduce the bandwidth needed for the broadcaster. Octoshape's GridCasting solution saves 97% of the bandwidth needed compared to the traditional server farm solution. Since almost no bandwidth is needed, there are no bottleneck problems – making the technology scalable. Octoshape looks much more like the widely used programs for file sharing.

Many streaming sites have integrated/adapted the silverlight and Octoshape plug-ins to their video feeds, allowing super compact bandwidth transfer of high definition video. The plug-ins break up the video transfer into 3 second packets, which make catching the broadcast itself impossible when it's broadcast live. The only way to cap those live feeds utilizing the plug-ins is with screen capture. Not stream catcher.

In case that octosetup.exe file is infected with virus or malware, the safest and quickest approach, without reinstalling Windows, is to use a professional repair tool. It is for this purpose that DLL Suite is released. DLL Suite allows our users to get rid of the exe virus infection annoyance once for all, just because it has a special feature of Fix EXE Virus. This feature can do away with exe virus infection related problems mentioned above; you simply do as follows: Click Dashboard menu and > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan. And all the problems directly associated with octosetup.exe file are fixed, because of the built-in feature of Fix EXE Virus in the Dashboard menu.

DLL Suite also has another menu MS Tools, which allows for free download of all useful Windows maintenance tools for your PC. When you need to download some important dll file for your device or games, you can Click Download DLL - Free menu, click Start Scan & Download DLL - Free button, choose the desired file and click More Information, click Download button from the open web page.

SAMIR JOHNA replied on December 31, 2012

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