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EPSXe.exe Has Stopped Working

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EPSXe.exe error

JOEL DILLON asked on February 22, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

EPSXe.exe Has Stopped Working

» I'm getting an error with my Windows about ePSXe.exe has stopped working. how do i start to resolve this issue? Any comments are appreciated!

Best Answer

» ePSXe.exe system error is one of the most common computer errors that almost every PC user will face with. Computer users often get this error message when starting up computers or when running a program and then an error message appears saying "ePSXe.exe has stopped working". Once ePSXe.exe error occurs, some program will not run correctly; the others will shut off automatically and even computer will restart unexpectedly.

What causes the ePSXe.exe system errors are those: Old or incompatible hardware; Older versions of software or incompatible software; Virus(Backdoor:Win32/Wkysol.E) or any other malfunctioned program attacks; A bad program installation or uninstallation

To fix ePSXe.exe system error, you can download a new ePSXe.exe file for your computer. If the error message indicates the file is not found or broken, you should download a new one for your system from a trusted website.

Do remember to remove PC threats. There are chances that the ePSXe.exe file on your computer must be attacked and disguised by some malicious threats. In this way, when the system cannot read this file, it will correspondingly display the ePSXe.exe application error. No matter you are on the need to fix this application error or other computer error, in my opinion,

Without taking the computer to a repair store, you can solve the ePSXe.exe system error on your own instantly with DLL Suite. It can deeply scan system files, seek out and repair all errors in your PC leading to ePSXe.exe has stopped working quickly.

SUSAN VICKERY replied on February 28, 2013

All Answers:

  1. STEVE REYNOLDS replied on February 22, 2013: » 1) Have you made any recent changes to the computer prior to the issue?

    2) Which version of Windows Operating system is installed on your computer?

    3) When exactly do you get this error message?

    I would suggest you to follow the below methods and check if it helps.

    Note: The following methods applies to Windows 7 operating system.

    Method 1: Try System File Checker.

    Method 2: Check in Clean boot.

  2. JOEL DILLON replied on February 22, 2013: » thanks for your reply.

    1. Nothing changes, only after installation of game Rise of Nations.

    2. Windows 7 Ultimate

    3. I got the error when i just finished the installation Rise of Nations. Is there any effect on it?

    i'll give it a try and let you know later.

  3. CONNIE VANDENBERG replied on February 25, 2013: » You might try a system restore point to before you installed the Rise of Nations game.

    To choose a System Restore point: From the Desktop click the Pearl (start) button; In the Search Field type "System Restore" and hit enter; Once System Restore is open, select the option "choose a different restore point" and hit next.

    Once on the next screen, pick a restore point to go back to when it last worked for you. Once you select the restore point, click next, then select finish, this will start the restore process.

  4. GEORGE ROTONDO replied on February 26, 2013: » You can copy an ePSXe.exe file from other computer with the same operating system. By placing the new ePSXe.exe file, you can most of the time solve this computer problem.

  5. HARVEY MARSHALL replied on February 27, 2013: » You need to ensure that your computer is always well protected from viruses. You best always let your antivirus/antispyware program running at the background to detect and remove computer threats at any time.

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