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Dumprep.exe Causes Slow Performance

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Dumprep.exe slow pc

TERRY DEAN asked on January 24, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Dumprep.exe Causes Slow Performance

» Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve Dumprep.exe causing slow performance?My XP is running slow recently.

Best Answer

» The file dumprep.exe is part of the program unknown from the manufacturer unknown. Its task: dumprep.exe generates the report files for Windows Error Reporting in the event of an error. dumprep.exe is normally found in the directory %windir%\system32. If the file is located in another folder, you may have selected this path when installing the software. Under certain circumstances, this can also be an indication of a virus/Trojan(Trojan:Win32/Agent.QN ).

Programs and files can have a strong impact on the performance of a Windows operating system. In some cases, this also includes dumprep.exe. In case of doubt, you should uninstall the program in question. If dumprep.exe is in the Windows startup folder, it can slow down a PC. We recommend that you turn off the automatic startup of this program if you do not need this function.

If it doesn’t work doing so, for an efficient and quickest solution to the free fix of .exe error, you may consider DLL Suite, it is especially useful for the daily PC Users: a totally automated free repair tool supports for free download and fix of any .dll file, .exe file or .sys file.

KOEN BERGHS replied on January 30, 2013

All Answers:

  1. AMANDA NICHOLS replied on January 24, 2013: » dumprep.exe is the reporting tool. It is reporting a problem. There are a lot of problems going on with the OP's computer and s/he needs to solve the problems. Then dumprep.exe will not show up. Dumprep.exe itself is not the cause of the OP's computer being slow; the problems are.

  2. PHILIP ROMEO replied on January 24, 2013: » I do have the same problem. It is altogether possible that my computer is not running efficiently and that I have to do a really good cleanup but unfortunately, not today. The slowdown that is bugging me the most, though, is when 2 copies of dumprep are running simultaneously, using 99% of cpu (according to task manager). If I don't need them, I promise that if I remove them I will still get around to tuning my pc to avoid future problems. However, microsoft suggests 2 different removal tactics for dumprep

    -- one using msconfig and getting it out of startup (I already have it disabled in startup) and changing the registry entry underHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (it's not there either)

    so where is it coming from?

  3. KAREN COFFEL replied on January 25, 2013: » I am so tired of this. AND YES it Always slows down my computer. I have tried some of the things online to get rid of this, but lately its back and now theres nothing I can do about it. Maybe there's a service that can shut this down? I take the check out, restart, and its back before I do anything. I have never had a virus & using Hit Malware... RUNS FLAWLESS, good choice for everyone else who've had Antivirus software. I do have some memory intensive programs like CS3 etc, I can take the consequences if I take it out of my startup menu.

  4. LORENZO LYNCH replied on January 26, 2013: » Ok Help is here... I downloaded CC Cleaner. Ran it... and dumprep is GONE. CC Cleaner is Freeware. In Tools, Run startup... Uncheck it and you're good to go.

    For everyone that says I haven't solved the reason why its on, well, until then, I won't be having any problems. CC CLEANER WORKS

  5. REBECCA LUDWICZAK replied on January 29, 2013: » That's the dump reporting tool and it runs when some program/process causes an error in the system. So you need to find out what the root error is and fix it.

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