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Dllhost.exe Using 100% of Cpu Error

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Dllhost.exe high CPU

MARY KENNEDY asked on March 3, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Dllhost.exe Using 100% of Cpu Error

» i am running windows 7. dllhost.exe is using 65% to 100% of my cpu. can i fix this? can i remove dllhost.exe? will it harm my computer?

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» Dllhost.exe is the Windows DCOM DLL Host Process. It executes COM+ DLLs and controls processes in the Internet Information Services (IIS). As such, is utilized by many different applications, including Visual Basic and .NET applications.

This process is a system process that is essential to the system's proper operation. Despite this, it is generally safe to kill a misbehaved dllhost.exe, as it will only terminate the particular COM+ DLL that is being run. Removing the executable altogether, however, will render your system unable to execute COM+ DLLs and thus render significant parts of the system unusable.

As this is a critical system process that runs on every Windows machine, it is common for virus(Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes) writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine dllhost.exe. Some malicious files will have the same name as this process but will be stored somewhere other than in %SystemRoot%\System32. Other malware will use a name that appears similar to it but has slight differences in spelling or with appended or removed digits.

And it's therefore difficult to remove any of these kind of virus infection, cause the normal Dllhost.exe will be eradicated together with the disguised virus or malware. To make up the loss, DLL Suite allows you to download the desired exe file and reinstall it to its original position, and it can thoroughly clean the virus infection and fix it well.

LANCE HOVERSEN replied on March 8, 2013

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  1. NAOMI FLORES replied on March 3, 2013: » Have you tried running a Virus scan? DLLhost using a lot of CPU can indicate a malware issue.

    Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded from

    Matthew Arkin - Microsoft Partner - Windows Desktop Experience MVP - - All posts are "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied

  2. MARY KENNEDY replied on March 3, 2013: » i have tried virus scans and anything a novice would be able to do. dllhost.exe is using up so much juice i can't do simple, normal things at all. when i can. it takes forever to complete a task. my computer is usually pretty quick. i am at the end of my rope. please help!

  3. JEFFERSON BATES replied on March 4, 2013: » You may try to use Sysinternals' Process Explorer to check the stack of the thread using the most CPU in the dllhost.exe process, when you're experiencing the behavior. When dllhost is using the CPU as you indicated, double-click the process in Process Explorer and go to the Threads tab. Sort the thread list by Cycles Delta, and note the thread at the top. Double-click it and view its stack.

  4. LINDA RICHARDSON replied on March 6, 2013: » Hi to everyone! I encounter the same problem with a dllhost.exe process which is turned on whenever i use the control panel to uninstall a program. This process uses 25% of my cpu every time i try to uninstall a programm through control panel and the result is that i have no access to my programs list so as to uninstall something. How can i get rid of it?

  5. MARY KENNEDY replied on March 7, 2013: » i don't know what i did or didn't do but the dllhost.exe is gone. i am sure i screwed something up to get it running on my computer in the first place. i haven't a clue as to why it's gone now except for dumb luck on my part. it went away just as all of your answers and suggestions were coming in. i didn't get a chance to try any of your ideas but i am sure going to save them in case dllhost.exe returns.

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