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Dllhost.exe Consistantly Opening And Closing

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Dllhost.exe error

KHALID ALGHAZI asked on February 20, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Dllhost.exe Consistantly Opening And Closing

» I understand dllhost is an important part of the Windows system but on my system it runs every 3 minutes and then closes. It seems this is supposed to start at boot and remain running.

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» Dllhost.exe is the Windows DCOM DLL Host Process. It executes COM+ DLLs and controls processes in the Internet Information Services (IIS). As such, is utilized by many different applications, including Visual Basic and .NET applications.

This process is a system process that is essential to the system's proper operation. Despite this, it is generally safe to kill a misbehaved dllhost.exe, as it will only terminate the particular COM+ DLL that is being run. Removing the executable altogether, however, will render your system unable to execute COM+ DLLs and thus render significant parts of the system unusable.

As this is a critical system process that runs on every Windows machine, it is common for virus(Exploit:JS/Blacole.KH) writers and spyware vendors to disguise their malware as the genuine dllhost.exe. Some malicious files will have the same name as this process but will be stored somewhere other than in %SystemRoot%\System32. Other malware will use a name that appears similar to it but has slight differences in spelling or with appended or removed digits.

And it's therefore difficult to remove any of these kind of virus infection, cause the normal Dllhost.exe will be eradicated together with the disguised virus or malware. To make up the loss, DLL Suite allows you to download the desired exe file and reinstall it to its original position, and it can thoroughly clean the virus infection and fix it well.

PETER CHACON replied on February 26, 2013

All Answers:

  1. EDWARD BERNAT replied on February 20, 2013: » Something is being run, so use these methods to see if you can determine what it is. Using Clean Boot and a process of elimination method might help. Process Explorer and Process Monitor can also assist. See the next message if you suspect malware.

  2. GARY WILSON replied on February 20, 2013: » If you need to check for malware here are my recommendations - these will allow you to do a thorough check and removal without ending up with a load of spyware programs running resident which can cause as many issues as the malware and maybe harder to detect as the cause.

    No one program can be relied upon to detect and remove all malware. Added that often easy to detect malware is often accompanied by a much harder to detect and remove payload. So its better to be overly thorough now than to pay the high price later. Check with these to an extreme overkill point and then run the cleanup only when you are very sure the system is clean.

  3. KENT SUNDBERG replied on February 21, 2013: » When the DLLHost.exe crashes, Windows Error Reporting Service creates a dmp file under C:\Localdumps. Please upload the file to your public Skydrive folder and post the link here. I take a look at the dump with the Debugger, maybe I can see which Shell extension is the cause.

  4. CARLA BIDWELL replied on February 23, 2013: » Prevx is made to work along side other Antivirus programs so you can run it and MSE at the same time, or Avast and Prevx at the same time. Normally you would not want two antivirus even on the same machine (other than one being Prevx) much less running as they load pieces of themselves into memory which can cause strange issues if trying to use two at a time.

    My setups use MSE and Prevx or Avast and Prevx as recommended

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