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DLL repair tool to fix DLL errors for your Windows PCs

We all know that the work of system is achieved by loading a series of DLL files including files with .dll extension, .exe extension, .sys extension and .drv extension. For example, after we start our computer, going into the system and landing on the desk, there are buttons of icons like "Start", "My computer". You may not know that actually they are all greatly relied on DLL files.

Even when we are installing applications, its functions are also applying to this way. Generally, software is based on loading the system's module which we call it DLL files to invoke its data and code to realize various operation and convenient your life. We can take an example. "Instant translate" in common translation software has loaded some DLL and apply it into the certain process.

From what is mentioned above, we can see the importance of DLL files in PC running. On the contrary, since it's so powerful, it will also be used by virus, Trojan, malware or spyware. If these bad guys want to break into your computer and reach their goals, to tell the truth, DLL files are really easier channel. Besides, it can be more difficult for anti-virus to find out. Still, here has prepared one example: there is one thing in common about malwares which is running automatically when the system is started. So the malwares and virus would play some disguising tricks to infect certain DLL file so as to make the system think they should be automatically run when the PC is started.

However, there would always be some unexpected accidents that make these important files' loading information still exist, while the files themselves are disappeared.

But the system is not that smart. It will still hold the thought that this module or DLL must be loaded, yet the system can't find the file anymore. Thus, according to the rule, system will pop out error message windows says ".dll was not found or missing". If the missing DLL file is connected to system core or driver files, you may have errors like blue screen of death, system crashing, no sound, device can't work. And if it's not that serious, problem like slow PC performance could call on your computer.

The question is what makes these DLL file disappeared. Well, to answer this could be really complicate. I mean, as a normal person, you could operate some inappropriate action like forced shut down or mistaken delete which could cause DLL missing. And your PC could be unavoidably infected by virus or Trojan or malwares. They could modify the DLL information or even delete some. Another possible reason can be uninstalling of ordinary software that has close connection with DLL file, because system would remove certain related file as a part of install. And that is how problem come.

What can we do about this? You want simple answer or complicate difficult answer. I am convinced that everyone want to fix DLL error ASAP as you may be desperate to play games or work when DLL error interrupt. So I am going to cut the complicated methods off and introduce the most convenient and simple way to accomplish the task of "DLL fix" – DLL Suite.

DLL Suite has been leading in the field of DLL errors fix for many years. It is the first DLL fixer in relevant PC error repair tools. DLL Suite is in charge of DLL repair, also it can fix exe error and sys error. What have been discussed above are all included in this repair tool's "DLL fix range". After so many years' improvement, DLL Suite is able to perfectly run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and any other operating system, the number of which can be up to 59.

Another thing need to be stated is the DLL errors it could fix.

1. Missing DLL errors / DLL was not found;
2. System crashing;
3. Runtime errors;
4. System 32 errors;
5. Devices can't work;
6. High CPU/Memory usage;
7. Program freezing;
8. Startup errors;
9. Blue screen of death (BSOD);
10. Slow PC performance;
11. PC no sound;

DLL Suite has updated its latest version – DLL Suite 2013, in which you can have a brand new feeling with its more simplified interface and 18 languages to satisfy PC users around almost the global world. We have focused our entire energy on improving the effect and efficiency in DLL fix and ready to solve any of PC errors that caused by DLL files.

In order to further perfect the product and give a better service for PC users. If you have any uncomfortable feeling using DLL Suite or dissatisfaction on DLL errors fix, we expect you promptly inform us, because your comfort of PC using is what we pursue.