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Repair DLL Problems

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DLL fix tool to repair DLL problems for your Windows PCs

This page mainly presents an introduction of DLL and detail steps on how to repair dll problem.

DLL is short for "Dynamic Link Library" which contains more than one database of code and data invoked by many programs to running well. We can take an example of Comdlg32.dll. In Windows system, Comdlg.dll is used by system to execute common functions about dialog box. Therefore, every program in Windows will use this DLL to achieve opening a dialog box. It's helpful to promote the efficiency and reduce the program occupation to recycle and share one DLL of function to all programs.

As DLL come into use, programs in computer gradually realized modularization, which is to say, functions has been separated to relatively independent parts. This way can speedup program's running, because modules are separated and the module would be loaded only in the situation that the order's given. Except of this, the update can be more easily applied into each DLL without having an impact on other parts. For example, you may have an salary accounting program, but the tax rate changes every year, so you just need to gather all the program except tax rate into one DLL and don't need to generate and install the program every year.

Here are some other samples you can clearly see in your computer of DLL relying files:

1. ActiveX Control. Example: Calendar. Calendar actually takes a great advantage of DLL. And you just need to choose date would be okay.
2. Control Panel. Example: Every item in the panel is actually a special DLL.
3. Device Driver. Example is the printer driver which controls print and printer.

So, here we can give DLL file a conclusion.

It can help you make your PC less occupied by system so as to you can more space for applications. With its modularization, your program's loading speed can be raised a level. The installation of software will be much more simplified.

Next let's talk about DLL repair. Since DLL is such a vital component as described above, DLL fix certainly would be the concentration of our eyes. Detail explanation and solutions of DLL problem would be introduced one by one.

First, virus infection: Virus infection includes virus, Trojan, malware and spyware which have certain purpose like embezzling user's private information such as online bank code or simply control you PC to spread some virus. When they break into your computer, DLL files always become their first target. Then you find out your PC is infected and use your weapon – anti-virus to deal with these bad visitors and drive them away. However, something you are not aware is that you also remove virus-related files which include DLL files. And that is one situation you get the DLL error of DLL missing and DLL not found.

Virus infection is only one possibility of DLL error. Other reasons may bring this trouble to you could be inappropriate operation habit, mistaken delete or program uninstall.

What can we do to repair this after talking so much about DLL errors? The solving principle is easy. You just need to replace the incorrect one with a correct one. But there is one thing we are not sure. Sometimes, the purpose of virus and malware could be showing you the error message to reach certain goals. Besides, you don't know where is safe to download the incorrect DLL file. Our suggestion is that you might just as well use DLL repair tool.

DLL Suite has dedicated in DLL fixing for many years and has really rich experience on DLL repair. This DLL repair tool can be used to fix Missing DLL errors / DLL was not found; Startup errors; Runtime errors; System 32 errors; Slow PC performance; High CPU/Memory usage; Program freezing; System crashing; Blue screen of death (BSOD); PC no sound; Devices can't work.

You don't have to worry about its compatibility. It can perfectly run in up to 59 systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.