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Computer Freezing Up When Not Plugged In Charger

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Computer Freezing

STEVEN TILENNI asked on March 5, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Computer Freezing Up When Not Plugged In Charger

» When my laptop is plugged in the charger, it runs perfectly fine. However, when i unplug the charger, it continuously freezes up on very short intervals. I've set the power options on High Performance before and that solved the problem, but it used up the battery charge way too fast so i don't prefer that option now. I've also formatted the entire system a few days ago but that didn't solve the problem.

Best Answer

» General Windows issues are more likely to be to blame if the computer freezes at seemingly random times in a variety of applications. A key Windows file may have been erased or corrupted, or there may be a problem with the Windows registry settings file. Run the System Restore utility from the System Tools section of the Accessories folder on the Start menu to roll back Windows to a previous version of the registry. This will fix prior registry issues without affecting personal files and settings.

A damaged internal hardware component, such as the hard drive or memory modules, might also be causing freezing issues, in which case that component will need replacement. A number of system diagnostics tools are available which can check for problems, including Hard Drive Inspector and PC Pitstop.

A virus or spyware(Backdoor:Win32/Losfondup.B) infection on your computer might also be the source of freeze issues. If you don't have an antivirus or antispyware tools on your system, purchase and install one; otherwise, check the program's website to make sure that you're running the latest version. Run a full system scan to check for problems and remove any potential threats, and be sure to repeat this process regularly to prevent future issues.

And after the antivirus scan, you need to clean and fine tune your ssytem with DLL Suite, to ensure that these kind of things will not come again!

SEAN ASHER replied on March 11, 2013

All Answers:

  1. BRIAN CROUCH replied on March 5, 2013: » It sounds like there may be a problem with the battery? You might want to remove the battery and clean the contacts in the battery compartment as well as on the battery. Check with the laptop manufacturer to see if they have a battery diagnostic utility.

  2. STEVEN TILENNI replied on March 5, 2013: » So I read up your response and I've tried cleaning the battery and the compartment, but I don't think it has helped. What other issue may this be? Thanks for the response though!

  3. KATHLEEN PAULSEN replied on March 7, 2013: » This is because of the computer's registry. Think of the registry as your computer's brain. And everything you do on the computer, everything you install or remove, is stored in the brain. When you remove things, very often certain registry entries are left behind, like memories. But these memories are good for absolutely nothing.

    The registry hangs on to them, though, and eventually it gets so full that it's hard to find things that are important now. The registry is probably the culprit if your computer freezes randomly.

  4. ADRIANNA GOODLAND replied on March 9, 2013: » The only thought that occurs to me is that you are using very resource intensive programs, such as high end gaming, or other resource intensive programs, that use more resources than are available when on the Balanced or Power Saver plans. This would be why the problem disappears when you use the High Performance plan when on battery only.

    I would recommend that you contact Samsung support to see if they have any other diagnostic tools that may be able to isolate the cause of this problem.

  5. ALVIN BEAL replied on March 10, 2013: » You can run the Power Energy report in Windows 7. Close any running programs and perform the following.

    Go to Start and type cmd.exe in the Search box. In the Results, right click cmd.exe and select the Run As Administrator option. In the Command window, type: powercfg -energy -output %userprofile%\Desktop\Energy_Diagnostic.html

    Press Enter. It will take around 60 seconds for the command to complete. After it is complete, go to the Desktop and open the Energy_Diagnostic.html file. Scroll down to the Battery:Analysis section.

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