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Blue Screen Ntoskrnl.exe, Fltmgr.sys and SRTSP64.SYS

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Blue Screen Ntoskrnl.exe

BENJAMIN LAPOE asked on December 23, 2012. Status: Answered & Closed.

Blue Screen - ntoskrnl.exe, fltmgr.sys and SRTSP64.SYS

» I sometime get a blue screen of death when I browsing on the internet explorer and open a video file, I got three problems seems to be caused: ntoskrnl.exe, fltmgr.sys and SRTSP64.SYS. SRTSP64.SYS happened only once, ntoskrnl.exe and fltmgr.sys always happen, how to fix this problem?

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» Ntoskrnl.exe is a critical process in the boot-up cycle of your computer. Note: ntoskrnl.exe can be altered by the w32.bolzano virus and its variants. If this process appears in WinTasks, please update your virus definitions immediately. This virus often causes BSOD.

fltmgr.sys is Microsoft Windows file system filter manager file. It can be easily hijacked by virus and result in blue screen. A virus, such as Trojan:Win32/Redosdru.E, can disguise itself as SRTSP64.SYS and causes blue screen of death.

As all these threee file gathered together, causing this problem, I suggest to use DLL Suite to deal with it. Just because it has a comprehensive feature to fix the Exe virus infection and sys bsod. You simply do like:

Download DLL Suite install and run, then click DLL Suite's Dashboard menu > Click Scan DLL Errors button > Click Fix DLL Errors button after the scan, and the blue screen or any other sys file related error will be repaired automatically. With the help of DLL Suite, it is much easier to fix BSOD and other errors due to the .exe files and .sys files.

GEORGIOS LAGARIS replied on January 3, 2013

All Answers:

  1. DALJIT MUTTIANA replied on January 1, 2013: » Srtsp64.sys is a Symantec Auto Protect driver. It could be you are infected or that Symantec is acting up. Scan for spyware and virus infections first by using Hit Malware. Then if that doesn't resolve the issue either update, uninstall and reinstall Symantec, or uninstall Symantec.

    fltmgr.sys is Microsoft Windows file system filter manager file. it might be worth running a check disk – go to start then in the search/run box type chkdsk /r you could also try running a hardware check on the hard disk to make sure there is not a problem with it.

  2. BENJAMIN LAPOE replied on January 2, 2013: » What about ntoskrnl.exe? this one is most problem caused. What is vipuxzip.sys ? The first blue screen was a problem with vipuxzip.sys.

  3. DANIEL LEPPO replied on : » Hi Black Cover, ntoskrnl.exe is kernal for the operating system. I don't think vipuxzip.sys is a Microsfot file. I suggets running a full system scan with your snti-virus. You might also check for malware.

  4. replied on January 3, 2013: » The vipuxzip.sys. does not appear to be a legitimate file. You can do the following to stop the driver from loading: At the registry key in question click on vipuxzip. In the right window double-click Start and set the Value data to4

    That should prevent the wtykmvr.sys from loading and should stop the blue screens. Create A System Restore Point beforehand and restart the computer afterward. You can delete the vipuxzip.sys.

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