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BSOD With Playing Games MX Simulator And iRacing

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MX Simulator BSOD

DEBBIE MAHANKE asked on March 11, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

BSOD With Playing Games MX Simulator And iRacing

» I get BSOD when ever I play a game on high graphic settings. Having run the trial version on Photoshop CS6 Extended, which I believe to be quite a memory hungry program, for the past 3 weeks and not having any BSOD or crashes, I'm almost certain it isn't a memory issue. Yet when it comes to gaming it causes the game to not respond or just BSOD. The games I'm currently trying to play are MX Simulator and iRacing.

Best Answer

» Blue screen errors can be caused by your computer's memory going bad. There's alot of small memory 'sections' in each stick of memory, and if one of those goes bad, but the computer is unaware of it and tries to access it, it can cause the error you're seeing.

Computers that have bad memory sometimes don't start, and sometimes will, but if they do start the errors are either constant, or tend to happen in specific cases. Best bet is just to update your drivers and see if it helps. Running windows updates and graphic card updates fixes alot of problems.

Do make sure you updated it from the website. If you were having bsod while playing LoL it may have damaged part of the game and/or lost vital components elsewhere. BSOD's can really hurt your computer. When reinstalling do make sure ALL files are deleted. If all that does not work and you continue to get BSOD's like the previous comment you might have a damage memory sector in one or more of your sticks of ram. If all else fails before buying new ram you also could try doing a clean reformat, save everything you want to a CD and update all drivers and windows version and then download LoL and see if you get the same error while all the old data is still on the CD.

Its not impossible that you could have malicious ware( Worm:Win32/Ainslot.A) on your computer regardless if you have an anti-virus, use task manager and check out your processes. If anything looks suspicious google it. Then remove it with your antivirus program. After that, use DLL Suite to restore the performance of your system back to normal. DLL Suite has a built-in feature of fixing BSOD, and it allows you to free download any missing game dll.

ANDERSON MAYNARD replied on March 17, 2013

All Answers:

  1. TERRY OWEN replied on March 11, 2013: » Do you have any less system intensive games? Both games you mention may be heavy cpu users, as simulation games tend to be.

    Things like physics, gearing, suspension etc. all tends to use more cpu vs graphics rendering, so something that is not a simulation may help determine if it's actually the HD4000 graphics causing the crashes, or if the cpu is struggling when having to deal with both heavy cpu use and graphics. If you are playing on line then the problem can be magnified when there are a lot of vehicles on the track.

  2. CHRISTOPHER LOW replied on March 12, 2013: » Obviously a dedicated graphics card would be better, depending on what level of graphics settings you want and what games you play (and may help take pressure off the cpu too).

    Something like an Nvidia 660ti (or equivalent ATI) would run safely on your 500W power supply and provide a very good performance boost.

  3. CHRISTOVAL MORENO replied on March 13, 2013: » You have at least 5 different apparent causes. Please run a malwarebytes scan and driver verifier. If you didn't run Memtest for at least 6-8 passes you should re-do it.

  4. DEBBIE MAHANKE replied on March 15, 2013: » I have today managed to complete the Driver Verifier task. I inputted all the settings, selecting only the drivers NOT provided by Microsoft.

    Upon restarting the computer, it reached the desktop where it then BSOD. I selected Continue Windows Normally. The PC again made it to the desktop, loaded all Start-up programs, then proceeded to BSOD for the second time. I repeated the same actions, to the outcome of a third BSOD. At this point I then entered into Safe Mode, and went into the Verifier application and "Deleted Current Settings".

  5. JOHN ACKER replied on March 16, 2013: » These were verified and Related to AsUpIO.sys Signed by from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Yours is from 2010. You should check with ASUS for an update and even if there isn't re-install the newest version available. You were also running PEUpdater.exe (another ASUS utility) that should be updated from ASUS.

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