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Audiodg.exe Performance Alert High Cpu

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Audiodg.exe High Cpu

KEVIN HALL asked on February 21, 2013. Status: Answered & Closed.

Audiodg.exe Performance Alert High Cpu

» Upgraded my pc from vista to Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When playing mahjong.exe game I always get the following alert from Norton 360 v5: 7/1/2011 7:30 AM,Info,High CPU usage by: Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation(program Description). DriverFinder scanned and informed that drivers were uptodate. No Action required

Best Answer

» The audiodg.exe file hosts the audio engine for Vista, and from what I hear Windows 7 as well. All the DSP and audio processing is performed within this file. Vendors are able to install their own DSP and audio effects into the audio pipeline, which will then be processed by audiodg.exe. Unfortunately, this can also lead to some problems, as I experienced. Some audio effects can consume CPU and memory if not properly coded. How do we fix the problem? Lets take a look.

In order to fix the high CPU usage, I disabled the audio enhancements processed by the audiodg.exe file. To disable the audio enhancements, use the following steps:

1. Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner.
2. Select Playback Devices from the menu. A list of devices should appear on the screen.
3. Double-click the device that has a green checkmark. The properties windows for that device should open.
4. Click the Enhancements tab at the top.
5. From the list of enhancements, uncheck all of them, or click the Disable all enhancements checkbox.
6. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the window.
7. Click OK to close the Playback Devices window.

Once I disabled the enhancements, the movie played without any issues. I also didn't notice any difference in sound with the enhancements disabled. If I do want to use sound enhancements, I'll stick to the the options provided in the application.

But it is unavoidable to encounter virus attack and get infected sometimes. In order to keep my system on normal working state, I've installed DLL Suite to safeguard my pc against any intrusion from viruses like Trojan:Win32/Comsirig. The reason I chose it is easy to use and quite helpful.

RCHARD ALICEA replied on February 27, 2013

All Answers:

  1. DEANNA DAVIS replied on February 21, 2013: » I'm having the same problem as you are. Just purchased this computer brand new two weeks ago. periodically I receive warnings the file "audiodg.exe" is using 100% cpu. This happens not just when listening to music or videos, but simple things such as multi-tasking, viewing emails etc. it's ridiculous. I sought for help from microsoft yet have received no help whatsoever. All advice given here on the internet such as: disable enhancements;

    update drivers;
    clean boot.
    etc. etc. etc. I've tried every single one and NONE has worked for me. as I stated this is a brand new computer, I haven't even added software to it yet.

  2. MATT NELSON replied on February 21, 2013: » I had same problem. Run Win 7, completely up to date. In Task Manager I saw audiodg.exe seeming to run more than about anything else and thought that must be the CPU hog. Turned out it was TaskHost.exe that was doing it. Easy to test it yourself. Just kill that process and watch everything quiet down. It's harmless and will restart after a while or reboot. It's doing some housekeeping you can look into next.

  3. BENJAMIN REED replied on February 23, 2013: » You can excluse "audiodg.exe" from Norton perfomance monitoring :

    Goto Norton: Settings ---> General ---> Performance monitoring ----> Program exclusions ----> Configure

  4. WAYNE BAYS replied on February 26, 2013: » Create a recovery media using hp recovery manager for your machine. then completely wipe your hard drive (deleting all partitions especially the hp tools partition). use your recovery media to restore your computer to the factory image. after this, your computer should work just as good as new. yes it takes some time, but it is worth it.

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