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Fix DLL Missing Errors for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

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3 ways DLL Suite can fix your Windows missing DLL file error

  1. Have you experienced DLL entry point not found error during your system startup?
  2. Have you got "Can't find DLL" in your computer during program startup?
  3. Have you received DLL not found error or can't load DLL file error?

All of these 3 problems can occur due to missing DLLs from your computer. Receiving Windows DLL missing error indicates that the specific DLL file has been deleted or removed from your PC. If the error is not repaired immediately, your computer will have more problems, like program freezing, blue screen of death, and even system crashing.

To fix Windows missing DLL files, you will need a DLL files fixer. It is a new type of software program that has something different from registry cleaners and antivirus/antispyware. It focuses on DLL error repairing and provides DLL free download services.

The DLL fixer we recommend here is DLL Suite, it has the ability to fix DLL missing problems, repair blue screen of death, replace virus infected DLL files and helps download DLL files for free for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

DLL Suite has the largest DLL database which covers 59 systems of these 4 Windows series. With this DLL database, almost all DLL errors in these popolar systems can be fixed and resolved. Based on this, DLL Suite can effectively fix and repair DLL problems, both manually and automatically.

Donwload DLL Sutie today and perform a free scan to see what are causing problems to your PC.

Fix Windows missing file manually for your PC installed with DLL Suite:
To fix DLL errors manually, you will need to download DLL files first. To start, you can use its Download DLL – Free tool. For the details, please see the instructions on free DLL download page.

Fix DLL error for computers with inactive Internet connection:
If you want to use DLL Suite to fix your PC that can't connect to the Internet, you can try the following:

  1. Download DLL Suite, install and run it in your computer that has active Internet connection.
  2. Click on PC Performance menu, search the DLL, download it and save it to your USB.
  3. Insert USB to your Internet-inactive PC and save DLL to its default directory.
  4. Register your DLL through regsvr32 DLL name in CMD window. (e.g. regsvr32 kernel32.dll)

Note: If this method can't work, you can try autmatic DLL fix method.

Fix Windows missing DLL automatically for your computer installed with DLL Suite:
DLL Suite is designed to make DLL repair become easier and simple. The best solution of DLL error fixing is to click and fix with one mouse click. To start, please try the following:

  1. Download DLL Suite, install and run it.
  2. Click on the menu that says Dashboard.
  3. Click on the button that says Fix DLL Errors after the scan.

Note: If your system is Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you need to have User Account Control (UAC) disabled first to ensure successful DLL error fixing. For the details, please see How to disable User Account Control (UAC).