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Each time you are trying to open some programs on your Windows 7 PC, you are coming across file dllhost exe was not found at C:\Windows\system32 folder. You had tried to fix the problem by running error repair software program. But that did not prove helpful. You have tried hard to fix the problem on your system, but failed each.

There are several other problems that you might face on your PC due to this damaged file. Read on to know about few more problems that you might face due to this faulty file on PC and the best way to get fix such problems easily.

Every time you are trying to browse hard drive for any videos or movie, you are receiving COM Surrogate has stopped working error message pop-ups again and again. You have tried every possible ways to get fix the issue. But all your effort went in vain. You are unable to fix the problem and say need help.

While you are trying to perform Internet Connection sharing on your Win8.1, all of a sudden your Windows screen starts displaying dllhost COM Surrogate stopped working error. You have tried hard to solve the problem by running error fixing tool that you had installed on your machine from some unknown sources. But after that when system starts, it crashed showing blue screen of death.

You are always facing COM surrogate not working issue while using photo viewer and Intel driver utility update not working problem on your Windows 8.1 64 bits system. In order to fix such issues, you gave a call to an expert since you do not have sufficient knowledge in technical field. But that did not help to fix it.

Get a smart dllhost.exe fixer installed from a reliable website. It will help to fix dllhost exe C:\Windows\system32\ file corrupted or missing and other problems with ease.

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Feb 21, 2017