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After getting damaged, dllhost will give you several problems in the system. After the damage, it then gets almost impossible to fix the file, if there is not the right equipment. And of course there should be enough knowledge of repairing the exe file. We will tell you about that equipment to help you in resolving your issue. Follow our article to fix your dllhost exe related problems.

Windows 8.1 user Emma Netrebko is getting COM surrogate problem. She has two COM surrogate files running and one of them is consuming more than 500 MB of RAM and 40-50% CPU time. Now she wants to know, that why there are two files, since they both are same dllhost.exe. She is unable to fix this issue. The high CPU usage is happening for the infected dllhost.exe file.

Dllhost.exe process takes high memory. Windows 7 users are complaining to get this problem. They are facing this high memory usage problem. This is happening, because the dllhost.exe file has got damaged in the machine and needs some fixing. There should be a powerful software system to fix this issue. Continue to read the article.

COM surrogate error continues with Windows 7, 64 bits. Our Windows & Ultimate Photo viewer, these are constantly crashing with the COM surrogate has stopped working error message. We are unable to do anything to stop this crashing issue. We are searching for an efficient software system. Generally this thing happens, when the dllhost file gets damaged in a severe way.

There are several issues with the dllhost.exe file. And the COM surrogate process error message will be appearing over and over again. For fighting with this kind of error problem, VSKSoft has made dllhost.exe error repair tool. This is the most powerful software system to fix all damaged file and prevent all error messages from coming.

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Feb 21, 2017