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dllhost exe error windows 8

The errors that are found on systems that are linked to the dllhost.exe are sometimes very simple like the one where this process kept closing and opening on its own. This user was aware that this process was required by the system but there it had been starting every five minutes and then stopping.

This process is expected to run on start up and remain active till you shut down the computer - sometimes this can be brought about by the Super Anti Spyware and the AVG antivirus. These have a function where this process is started and stopped frequently.

Once this system had been rebooted, this activity had ended, this system had the Norton Internet Security preinstalled and had been removed with the Revo Uninstaller.

This one can also be solved with a dllhost.exe error repair tool and my able applied to some of the more complex dllhost exe errors in Windows 8. For example, the dllhost.exe 32 com surrogate issue in which the CPU usage had increased to over 95% and eventually shut off the computer.

The system had been scanned and one Trojan had been found and all seemed normal till these processes began to appear. Along with this, various blue screens, app data crashed and mini dumps had also begun - these processes do appear and end on their own. The check disk, system configuration and power saver mode had been changed to fix this dllhost exe error on Windows 8 and it was assumed that the thumbnails had done this.

After running out of options, the SpyHunter4 tool had been used to search for malware, this had found over 148 threats like adware, cookies etc. Only the Internet Explorer, iTunes, HP Updates had been updated and two tools had been installed for security - the Web Root Secure and the Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Feb 21, 2017