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dllhost exe error windows 7

In Windows 7 dllhost error can appear if the file got corrupted on external reasons. If you do not shut down properly or do not install the updates on time such an error can take place. The computer running on Windows operating system can receive such issues when the exe file is missing. Rather than trying any manual process it is better to try software. Install the dllhost fix tool in the computer. The tool will help all the issues that are mentioned on different versions of the operating system including 32 Bits and 64 bits and on any brand of the PC or laptop and dllhost .exe error in Windows 7.

COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working error message has occurred in a system that was running on the Windows 8.1 Operating System. After installing a new printer Xerox Phaser 6010N and to print a picture through it the said error message appeared. The computer also failed to open the picture via Windows Photo Viewer because of the same error message. The message compelled the PC to shut down and it did not work.

COM Surrogate error has stopped several applications to work or to even launch. This was Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits operating system and the error has started to appear almost every time to open the apps. At the appcrash error log, exception code was 0xc0000005 and the local id was 1033. The same problems did not appear in safe mode booting with networking.

Programs running upon startup e.g. cmd.exe; conhost.exe; csrss.exe in a computer that is installed with Windows 7 Pro operating system has started to take place. To start-up the laptop the exe file has started to show issues and they were consuming almost 20% of CPU at the Task Manager. Malware scanner did not detect anything serious.

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Feb 21, 2017