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Many people are complaining to get crash problem in their computer machines due to the dllhost exe file. When the dllhost gets infected, then this kind of crashing problem happens in the machine. There are certain software systems to repair the damage, but of course the best one is needed for that repairing. Below some problems are shared on the mentioned topic.

Computer is giving slow performance due to dllhost.exe (COM surrogate). One of the Windows 7 users has complained to get this issue. He is facing an issue since his last Windows update, this is affecting the performance of his computer. He ran a full scan on his PC for any Virus or Malware infections, but there's nothing. Then he found, that this is only caused by dllhost.exe COM surrogate process. It is slowing down his PC. Every time, when he opens the d drive or the My Picture Folder, then it shows icons without any image thumbnails or white icons appears and the green loading bar moves very slowly on the top of that particular window. He had seen, that whenever he had ended the process of dllhost.exe, then everything gets normal, but it keeps appearing again and again.

Gary Leung from Alberta is getting faulting application name dllhost.exe faulting module name OLEAUT32.dll problem. This problem is giving him exception code 0xc0000005. This is happening due to the dllhost.exe file, which needs to get fixed immediately to prevent further damage. We will help him in resolving this issue properly. Follow our article.

COM surrogate has stopped working. This is a very common error message, which people usually get, when their dllhost.exe file gets damaged. We have seen many cases on this problem. Whenever we go to print from the internet, then the message COM surrogate has stopped working comes up. It only happens when we try to print. We can print from all our other programs.

Are you also getting dllhost exe crash problem in your system? Then you can install dllhost.exe fixer of VSKSoft.

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Feb 21, 2017