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Many Windows 7 users are getting trouble for their infected dllhost.exe file. They are unable to repair the file and getting lots of problems from it. The most common issue is to get high CPU usage problem. This problem is generated from the damaged dllhost.exe file. So in this article we will help you to solve your high CPU usage problem in Windows 7 due to dllhost.

Windows Vista user Raynald Corriveau from Quebec is getting error message- COM surrogate has stopped working. After booting up his system, there comes a popping up message box, which states, that COM surrogate has stopped working. This message is appearing after every boot up. The dllhost.exe is taking high CPU usage and it is running in multiple processes. This is happening for the infected dllhost.exe file, which needs to be repaired immediately.

Dllhost.exe COM surrogate is making the system slow and using up memory. We all are well aware about this issue. After doing a restore point, there is an application that keeps popping up in our Task Manager using up most of the CPU usage. It's named dllhost.exe COM surrogate and when we open its location, then it is in the windows32 folder. For this process, our system gets too slow to respond. We have done the usual virus scan. But it did not solve our issue. We defragmented our computer, and ran a system scan, memory scan, but we could not figure it out.

Henri Wolfe from Ontario has complained to get high CPU usage problem by COM surrogate. He is in a trouble with COM surrogate. He has formatted his PC, but it didn't work. He is using Windows 8.1 system with 12 GB ram. This is happening for the infected dllhost.exe file.

When you will be getting dllhost high CPU usage problem in the Windows 7 system, then you can simply apply dllhost.exe file fixer of VSKSoft.

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Feb 21, 2017