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Dllhost.exe COM Surrogate and multiple process running in the Taskmanager/Processes. As a result the computer has started working very much slowly. Multiple files running have grabbed the space of CPU and RAM .And finally causing high CPU and RAM usage problem of the computer. In the Windows machine such annoying problem if stayed for long time, then the entire process of the machine has slow down day by day. The specific problem if stayed for long time then several other problems also evolve in the computer and make the system much more complicated.

Windows 10 Runtime errors after upgrading automatic and Windows from Server. In the specific computer some technical fault take place and make the system slow down badly. The issue if stayed for long time then several annoying problems might take place and make the computer slow down. The specific computer has started facing system slow down and high CPU and RAM usage issue also take place. Windows 10 become unable to open some files and programme in the computer.

Dllhost.exe COM surrogate slowing computer using memory of the Windows operating system. In the specific computer random Blue Screen of Death and unable to run accurately problem can take place. The specific issue has slow down the speed of processor gradually. Not a single file become able to open in the machine due to such memory related trouble.

If all those above mentioned dllhost based problem take place and high CPU, RAM usage can take place then users have to take some accurate step and try to get rid of such problem. It has been suggested that download and run dllhost.exe error repair tool and get rid of all those dllhost file related problem and avoid random RAM and CPU high usage kind of trouble from the machine.

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Feb 21, 2017